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  • Travis+Carter
    Travis Carter

    I've belonged to your website forever. Wanted to get tickets today but no code?

  • sjanklow

    Denver presale started this morning @ 10am and I didnt recieve my passcode...please send it. Thx

  • Amy+Hovious
    Amy Hovious

    Where is Chicago???

  • ovANOut


  • mamatom

    anyone have the san jose, ca presale? i've joined but haven't received the code.

  • Lilycooper

    Why does it say Born This Way? So confused!!!!!

  • Defoote

    I didn't receive my presale code either. Anyway you can resend, if already sent?

  • Christopher+Ryan
    Christopher Ryan

    Anyone have Philadelphia code

  • mandyisahit

    I have yet to received my code...

  • Bobby+Campbell
    Bobby Campbell

    all times are LOCAL TIME in the city for each show

  • Ashley+Monster
    Ashley Monster

    Once we get our code can we order the presale tickets that second or do we have to wait until a specific day to purchase the presale tickets? Also when will ticket prices be released? Thanks so much for clearing things up for us!

  • Christopher+Del+Viscovo

    where did atlantic city, nj go!?!?

    • Bobby+Campbell
      Bobby Campbell

      we don't have a pre-sale or on-sale date for Atlantic City yet

    • Christopher+Del+Viscovo

      @Bobby Campbell: wahhhh ok thanks lol

    • Tommy+Farrah
      Tommy Farrah

      so AC definitely wont be tomorrow?

    • David

      @Bobby Campbell: but that show will still go on?

    • Jen+Bee
      Jen Bee

      seriously... i hate MSG .... lol i wanna go to AC its on a Saturday... party party no work the next day :-)

    • Jen+Bee
      Jen Bee

      @David: i heard there was some drama with the AC show something about some wrestling event thats been the same weekend for 10 years blah blah blah... mother monster has all reign lol....

    • Tommy+Farrah
      Tommy Farrah

    • Tommy+Farrah
      Tommy Farrah

      recent news articles are saying that the wrestling tourney was moved to the following weekend so im not sure why there is still a hold up

    • Susan+H
      Susan H

      @Bobby Campbell: I'm also anxiously awaiting the presale for Atlantic City.... omg I am so excited, last AC concert I fainted because of dehydration, so I need to be sure that I can get the best seats (can't stand all those hours again, was too hard for me and my daughter was so upset as they rushed me over the guardrail to the hospital) so I need to get the best, closest seats possible and we (my daughter and I) don't want to miss her

    • Jen+Bee
      Jen Bee

      @Susan H: yeah i cannot do GA, it's too much standing I rather have a seat I can put my stuff on anyway.... Especially since its winter and will need a jacket! AC would be very convienent with hotels close by and its a weekend, but I don't see a presale & it will sell out in like 15 seconds. I will be trying for Barclay or MSG in the first level seating ... blah i so dislike MSG! i was kind of hoping she would do a show and prudential center

  • Lauren+Smith
    Lauren Smith

    Prices pleaseee!

    • Leo

      General Admission (Standing Floor) is about 180, plus tax and shieBe.

    • Calvin+Hrezik
      Calvin Hrezik

      @Leo: Where is that info from?

    • kaylee+GAGA+1-14-13
      kaylee GAGA 1-14-13

      @Leo: Is that for all shows.

    • Tim

      GA was around $180 $182 or something in Sydney. Seats ranged, we got seats right up the back one night and they were $100, but still great.

    • Everett+Psychotic+Music+Head

      @Leo: holy fuck. thats fucking ridiculous.

    • Tim

      I just want to say to everyone SHES WORTH THE MONEY a million times over. I would have wasted all my money and went all nights if I could.

    • Leo

      @Calvin Hrezik: This info is from many of the asian, australian, and europian shows have the same value... 180$. I did a ton of math XD and conversions.

    • Leo

      @Everett Smith: Not really. Considering the complexity of the entire show, it really isn't much. If you look at tickets for Justin Bieber and Madonna, they are way greater than 180 dollars.

    • Sarah+H
      Sarah H

      @Tim: GA in Melb started around $100 and in most of the European shows it works out to around $100-$125. I have no idea why Sydney was so much. :o

    • Timothy

      I have to say - $180 is really reasonable for floor tickets to any big show. When I saw the monster ball that's what I paid but I was in the lower bowl section - still a great view though..

  • Jenna+%E2%80%A0+Louise
    Jenna † Louise

    When will we know prices???? THIS IS IMPORTANT

  • berta

    Hey bobby. My sister joined the event last night and I joined this morning and neither of us received a code yet. How long does it take? Is it too late?

  • Jennifer+Hershberger
    Jennifer Hershberger

    Is it too late to get a code for a presale that starts today?

  • Tom+Carey
    Tom Carey

    9:20 here in Chicago. Still haven't received a code. Tickets going on sale at 3:00. Any way to get help or info on this? My 1 year old will be crushed if we can't get tickets.

    • C

      mine came over night.. i want general admission but there are 2 prices for it and idk which one to get

  • Nick

    I really need a price range for general admission seats for feb 19th!!

  • Judy+Baumann+Schottenstein

    How do you join an event? I would like to get tix for the Miami show.

  • Heather+sowards
    Heather sowards

    How come I don't have a join button??? Am I missing something??

  • Javier+Rivera
    Javier Rivera

    i got my code for philadelphia! cant wait!

  • Isla+Rose
    Isla Rose

    I still haven't gotten my MSG code and I joined the first day :( should I be worried? Please help! I'll be missing school for this monday so I gotta do it right!

  • andrew+medrano
    andrew medrano

    have yet to receive my code for staples center they go on sale in less than an hour. help please

  • andrew+medrano
    andrew medrano

    i still have yet to receive a code for Staples center i need a code please. My girlfriend wants to go for our anniversary can i please get a code

  • Brad+Lai
    Brad Lai

    Hi Bobby, hope you are well. The Born this way ball tour for San Jose starts in an hour, and I still haven't received my code yet. Could you please help me out? I'd really appreciate it! xoxo,

  • Nicki+G
    Nicki G

    Eeeeee!!! Joined for Chicago just now.... How long does it usually take to receive the code?? I'm praying to my little monsters that I get it before 3 when the presage starts!!! Helpppp!!!!

  • derek

    i joined for philadelphia, but i have yet to receive anything + the pre-sale is tomorrow. help.

  • Leigh-Ann+Mackintosh
    Leigh-Ann Mackintosh

    hello Bobby, I rsvp'd to the Vancouvver show at Rogers Arena last night. I haven't recieved a pre-sale code yet. When should i expect an email?

  • John+Rahhal
    John Rahhal

    how do I get a code for Los angeles on Jan 20 2013? Tickets go on sale today!

  • A+Wong
    A Wong

    the question is that I RSVP-ed for multiple shows and got codes for each but it doesn't say which codes are for which shows?! does it matter?

    • Bobby+Campbell
      Bobby Campbell

      doesn't matter. each is good one time only though.

    • Pamela+Newhook
      Pamela Newhook

      Are you going to multiple shows!? I still haven't received my code :( Do you have an extra one you could send my way?

    • Pierre+Suarez
      Pierre Suarez

      what are the codes that you got ?

    • Kerry+K.
      Kerry K.

      @Bobby Campbell: do you receive the code in your personal email or on little and how long should it take? I feel bad for the people that are having to wait and their shows are going on presale so quick. Mines not till next week but i am still freaking out! thanks so much

  • Heather+Whelan
    Heather Whelan

    i dont know why this gave me chillls but it reallly did!!! i cant believe im actuallly going to the btw balll !!!!

  • Maude

    I still haven't received a code for Vancouver bc, plz help:(

  • Kim

    The tickets go on sale in 45 minutes and I didn't get a code yet :(

  • Eilene+Beniquez
    Eilene Beniquez

    wait, when does staples center go on sale?

  • Nerd4Justice

    I received three e-mails (at different times) all with different codes for the same event. Kind of strange. Which to use?

  • Ruben+Chris+Avila
    Ruben Chris Avila

    I joined the Staples Center, I just got my code but I got 2, does that mean 1 code per ticket? or what is this?

  • Shannon+DeBoer
    Shannon DeBoer

    I joined for Las Vegas and pre-sale tickets go on sale at 3pm PDT todat but I haven't received my pre-sale code. I'm getting worried.

  • Craig+Mathews
    Craig Mathews

    @Bobby Campbell...The presale tickets are to go on sale for Tacoma today at 3:00 but I still haven't received my code yet. Can the code be resent?

    • %CF%9F%E2%80%A0%E2%88%86Gaga+Saves+Lives%E2%88%86%E2%80%A0%CF%9F

      Tacoma not on sale until Sept 24th emails will be sent this week. I'm going to this show as well. See here: you scared the crap out of me..I had to double check XD

  • Leigh-Ann+Mackintosh
    Leigh-Ann Mackintosh

    January 11th, Vancouver, BC show. Im concerned I wont recieve my pre-sale code in time and the pre-sale tickets go on sale here at 3pm which is in 5 hours.

  • Fernando+Martinez+Iv
    Fernando Martinez Iv

    I'm panicking. I joined te LA ad San Jose, but I still haven't received a code! What do I do???

  • Christina+Acevedo
    Christina Acevedo

    @ Bobby Campbell: How do I get a presale code if I wasnt able to "join" or RSVP until early this morning. :( I didn't realize the codes were being sent out last night, I worked 7p-7a and just signed up this morning and now am just realizing I may not get tickets for the Vegas show. :( Saw codes on ebay selling for at least $100!!! PLEASE, any way to get a code??? Just need 2 tickets!

  • Jocelyn+L.
    Jocelyn L.

    Still waiting for my code to the Vancouver show. Pre-sale is today... am I going to miss out?? :(

  • Tom+Carey
    Tom Carey

    Typo on last post. My 11 year old, not my 1 year old. My daughter has been waiting for this show for a long time. She's at school praying that we'll get tickets.

  • Megan+Campbell
    Megan Campbell

    what about the Atlantic City date??

  • Andrew+P%C3%A9rez
    Andrew Pérez

    PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??????????????????????????????????????

  • Brigette+Polster
    Brigette Polster

    When will i get the code for MSG in NYC?

  • Jennifer

    I haven't received my code yet, and tickets go on sale in 30mins! Uh oh..

  • Pam+Yoshioka-Hornbeck
    Pam Yoshioka-Hornbeck

    Bobby.. can u help me rec've ps password?? Asap. I have an hour?? Soo sorry

  • Melissa+Meadows
    Melissa Meadows

    I have RSVP for the staple center show and still haven't gotten a code.

  • Jason

    I joined for Chicago, and NO code! Ahhhh help!