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  • Creative+Rebellion
    Creative Rebellion


  • Ariel+Aldio
    Ariel Aldio

    We all do bad things some times. Its easy to fuck up. It's also easy to point a finger at someone else and criticize them when it's not you. We all do it, I'm guilty too I won't lie. Working on being less judgmental myself. Beebs is human just like the rest of us. I have been NO ANGEL in this life. But I am working on being a better me everyday. It's not easy but we gotta try.

  • Goddess


    • Julia

      I love the message but I feel VERY strongly against drunk driving and it's hard to feel compassionate when a DUI is involved!

    • %E2%96%B2Judas%E2%96%B2

      Thank you for spreading this compassion, it's what we need to remind us on the daily that negativity abounds everywhere.

    • TayGa


    • ModelLucMonster

      haha i got some to to be honest Lol And i hope beliebers see how sweet of a person you are

    • %E2%9C%AA+Arthur
      ✪ Arthur

      That's the reason that I love you I'm so proud of u <3

    • Prince

      BORN THIS WAY? He was born to be violent? Hm...

      • Doris+Ramos
        Doris Ramos

        you just proved her point, stop nit picking and don't judge because it shows who you really are. don't tell us that you have never acted out, nobody would know but your family and friends, the world sees everything that he does.:(

        • Timothy+Pullins
          Timothy Pullins

          Well no it isn't a matter of judgment when someone is being violent and reckless. What he did was wrong regardless of who he is.

        • Alex+Mons%E2%80%A0er
          Alex Mons†er

          this painting that i made is a commentary about all of this in pop industry, please check out ;)

      • Christian+Barbera%E2%84%A2
        Christian Barbera™


      • Victoria+Patrycja+Mas%C5%82owska

        I think Gaga meant to tell you that everyone makes mistakes and it's natural and people are born to make mistakes so we shouldnt judge each other

        • Princess+Die
          Princess Die

          This is so true. We should support other fandoms and stick by them during times like this. We all know how it would feel if Gaga was the one to be arrested, it must be tough for them. I am here for all beliebers even if I am a monster. :-)

          • O.R.M.

            If us, as human beings, are able to show support and care then we should. Despite how much "fame" or "money" people have, it doesn't make problems go away - they remain. He obviously has his problems, and probably has for some time, it's probably just come to a peak. I hope he gets the help he needs. At the end of the day, he's a human being just like the rest of us. His heart beats, he breathes, he's human.

          • Izaak+Ruiz
            Izaak Ruiz

            Thank you because I'm a belieber and a monster

        • MonsterJ

          Yes but there is sometimes when there are too many mistakes and that all of them could be avoided.

        • AlejandroML

          yeah, JBieber is a joung person and all the person make some mistakes, we need support him and not judge him. we are humans, remember.

        • Venus+daughter
          Venus daughter

          I don't think that call your fans a whale or fat or ugly being a mistake, he's disgusting.

        • Nagawa+Monster
          Nagawa Monster

          Yeah! Lets support all the killers, rapists, and people who was drunk when they killed someone on the road! Cauze ya know, that's a mistake...
          No seriously..........

          • Victoria+Patrycja+Mas%C5%82owska

            you're kind of right, but look. was somebody killed by justin bieber? no. we should give him a small chance and just wait for the effects. if he will improve his behavior it will be great. but if he won't everyone will leave him. does anyone want to be lonely when he needs help? I don't think so. he should see that he has got lot of fans that want him to be happy. we should forgive him. only this one time. you see my point?

        • borntobebravex

          True but when we make mistakes we need to learn from them in order to grow as a person. Justin doesn't seem to have learned yet. I'm worried for the kid and hope he turns his life around soon and you know the kids who look up to him will want to do what he does & think it's cool & such. I don't dislike him or his fans and I'll only do what I can to encourage and be kind. I hope justin gets help soon. Poor kid. :(

        • R%C6%8EVO%E2%85%83UTION

          And there are consequences for mistakes, especially when they put others in danger. People aren’t judging him because he wore something outrageous or dated someone they didn’t expect him to date nor do something on stage that they thought to be immoral. DUI killed so many people and I guess it shouldn’t be left without judgment.

      • MaRa.

        I think she means we should support his fans specifically because Justin took a huge shit on them with this bullshit behavior of his.Kinda like a support group for them lol

      • G.O.D.+%28Gaga+Or+Death%29


        • Prince

          not doing anything, just saying my opinion and being myself, I WAS BORN THIS WAY!

      • Kaelyn+Adele
        Kaelyn Adele

        There is something deeper going on with Justin. People act out when they feel powerless. Maybe after this he can get some help with whatever is wrong!

      • Alejandro+Juarez
        Alejandro Juarez

        Spread love, no hate!

      • FreewayUnicorn77

        He thinks he is alowed to do everything, to be violent and rude, because he's a star. I've never supported him, but I respected him. Now I don't even respect him anymore. Gaga says she hates any kind of violence and rudeness. Now I really don't understand this.

      • %E2%9C%AAPetga


    • Juliana+Eye
      Juliana Eye

      poor beibs, growing pains

    • Giorgy+Catalina+Walteros+Franco

      You're Goddess of love, literally! ♥

    • BaByGiRl

      You are so awesome.....Love you


      But they are rude :( they aren't like us

  • Gemma

    @gaga How can I support someone who was driving, after drinking and doing drugs, and could have injured or killed an innocent person? Gaga I adore you dearly but I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say.

    • Jack

      She's put emphasis on supporting Beliebers, not Bieber.

    • Jorge+Alejandro+Biatch

      Gemma you're a gem *,* & this is the best comment EVER. Ooh poor bieber let's support him just because he's famous... WTF i'm sorry but i just can't agree with LG's words.

      • littlemonster541

        @gaga @gemma @jorgeguillen If Bieber were just an average 19 year old who was caught drinking while driving, driving without a license, and drag racing, I can guarantee that NOBODY would come to his defense. His fame doesn't excuse his actions.

        • Gemma

          This is exactly it. Fame is often used as a free pass. He's lucky he didn't kill someone. Would beliebers still tell everyone it was a mistake if he had injured a young girl, someones mom or someones best friend?

          • littlemonster541

            And it could've happened. He IS using fame as a free pass; you're right on. He's testing the limits of his fame and of his fans' devotion to him. It's not right. His putting beliebers in a tough spot.

          • THE+Wolf+amonglords%21
            THE Wolf amonglords!

            very injustible indeed .

          • I%27m+a+Water+son
            I'm a Water son

            with IF we can make a new world !
            guys please @gaga is saying that instead of being judgmental we need to support beliebers Justin make a mistake yeah why are you judging him ? I don't like what you say because it's not cool. and IF he kill himself would you be so impartial ? so please relax

        • Stefani

          While I agree with most of what you said and I really don't feel bad for him I think the best we can do is just not spread hate about it. It is really none of our business. I hate that celebrities get special treatment when it comes to being arrested but I also believe that he can make a mistake and come back from it. And his fans didn't do anything so there is no reason for any one to attack anyone or draw attention to it. What he did was wrong but it doesn't make him a monster. I personally don't like his music at all but it is sometimes really important not to bash an artist to their fans. Remember that these people are very important to their fans. I think that is all she is trying to say.

      • Matt+Lamb
        Matt Lamb

        It's very sad.

    • Gabriel

      I agree with you

    • GypsyRaver

      If you don't want to support him, I think you should just give a try to support his fans at least :) Spread love, promote kindness.

    • Candy.Warhol

      its to support beliebers, duhh

    • Tarek

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! Finally someone on here with LOGIC.

      • THE+Wolf+amonglords%21
        THE Wolf amonglords!

        her logic is sound .Bravo for having the stones to disagree with Gaga .Its a good thing also for celebs with countless yesmen /women

      • I%27m+a+Water+son
        I'm a Water son

        hi tarek it's your logic not mine so don't please judgmental and and make critics. you're not a judge for saying this is the right way of thinking. don't take the time to answer I don't need it. Bye

        • Tarek

          I never implied that I was a judge for saying what was the right way to think? I simply stated that the person above made a LOGICAL statement. Don't gang up on me and throw the "don't please be judgmental" shit on me. Respect my opinion just like I respect yours. BYE.

    • %CF%81%D1%8F%CE%B9%D0%B8%C2%A2%D1%94%D1%95%D1%95+%D1%82%CF%83%D1%8F%CE%B9%CE%B1

      I agree and disagree with Gaga. I am not a Justin Bieber fan and probably never will be. I will certainly never support him. If he broke the law, then he deserves to be arrested and to receive the same consequences as everybody else who was caught drinking and driving, but at the same time, I'm not gonna be a total hater and constantly bash him either. And I'm not going to tweet negative things to his fans, because a lot of Beliebers feel hurt because of all the negative things that people are saying about Justin, and I don't wanna make them feel worse. I won't support Justin, but I won't hate on him either. I am willing to be supportive to his fans who need support though. And it's okay to disagree with Gaga. Sometimes I disagree with her and I'm still a huge fan. It's what makes us different (:

      • Gemma

        I agree with you that I won't bash him, but we're still allowed to have an opinion on the DUI offence and I certainly don't condone it. I just feel he's setting such a bad example for his young fans. If Gaga did the same things I wouldn't condone her actions either but I'd still love her to pieces.

    • Freddy+Rose
      Freddy Rose

      She didn't say to support him, she said to support the fans. As a music lover, to see an artist you love in distress can be terrifying. Stop thinking about the 'what if's and think about the humanity. Feel a little.

      • Gemma

        "Justin and Beliebers were 'born this way' too"

        • Freddy+Rose
          Freddy Rose

          And do you recall the message of the song? "Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set." We've all made mistakes. Give him prudence, we all have our demons.

          • Gemma

            If he had killed an innocent bystander would you still think the same?

            • Freddy+Rose
              Freddy Rose

              Did that happen though? If you were constantly crucified from a young age for things you had no control over don't you think you'd be affected? It might all seem superficial but a 19 year old who went through that under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and anti-anxiety medication (provided by his mother) simultaneously is not something that should just be dismissed as reckless. Remember we are all human, every experience is a learning one.

              • Gemma

                It's not about the drugs/alcohol (if he chooses to recover I wish him well), but the fact he got into a car after he consumed them.

                • Kelso

                  I have to agree...everybody struggles, everybody has demons, makes mistakes, has regrets...But driving, no- DRAG RACING- under the influence of several substances should not be taken as lightly as some people are taking it. I have seen lives destroyed by these kinds of decisions. I think this needs to be a learning experience, and a reflective one. If we brush it off as "it's a mistake," then nobody will understand how serious this is and why this kind of thing can often, and does often, end up much, much worse.

                  • Gemma


                  • Freddy+Rose
                    Freddy Rose

                    I never said it should be brushed off nor did Gaga. She just said to support his fans. To be aware that these people care about him. That responding to negativity with more negativity solves nothing. That is all.

                    • Gemma

                      I'm not being negative. I'm creating a discussion around his behaviour, a lot of the fans on here are very impressionable and may seem to think that DUI is not a big deal when really it's huge.

                      • Freddy+Rose
                        Freddy Rose

                        I didn't mean you, just in general. I do find everything you said important, I was just trying to explain the reasoning behind the post. She was just speaking to them specifically as fans and the rest is to be settled by the police and Justin and the parents of his fans.

                    • Kelso

                      I don't believe she is being negative, I think she's opening a discussion about it and so far, her comments have been respectful of other's opinion.

        • %E2%99%88Stef%CE%94niMons%E2%80%A0erB%E2%9A%A1tch

          I think it means that they are human too so they can be wrong. I trust Gaga,she's not stupid.

          • Gemma

            Gaga isn't saying it is ok to do drugs or abuse alcohol and then drive. Would you think it was just a mistake if Justin had injured someone close to you? We need to take this seriously, it's a very grave mistake with consequences that nobody should admire. If anything, the lesson should be to encourage recovery, promote awareness that it is NOT acceptable behaviour and to support those affected by the event.

    • LadySalvador

      I agree that I cant not support Justins actions cuz driving drunk is not cool at all! But I understand what Gaga is saying about b supportive to his fans. I honestly feel like fame is not so good to children. I think becoming famous at such a young age isnt a good thing.

    • imma

      yes! it's exactly what I wanna to say...

  • Matt

    Hmmmmmmm no. None of us should support them if we don't want to.I personally think that for someone that have put other people's lives in risk by driving drunk, less than one day at prison is not enough.And the same goes to you.If you do some sh*t like that one day,don't expect my support,because that's irresponsible.I respect them,and don't have anything against them,but I am NOT giving my support,because I strongly disagree with his and his fans acts towards the situation. The only thing I can say to him is that want him or not,being a celebrity doesn't take you out of the society,so you should pay like any other person for your mistakes.

    • Alex

      I agree with you. I know that Gaga was just trying to calm down the situation but.. You can't support anyone. And I think even @gaga herself knows this..
      The only thing I can personally do is to not judge or say bad words about him. Just let this thing go on, like it has to.

      • THE+Wolf+amonglords%21
        THE Wolf amonglords!

        Yes she meant don't judge and hug his hurting fans.they suffer due his actions which kill his fame .perhaps he just want to get out the fame?

        • Alex

          I don't know his intentions :D I don't follow his career so I'm not here for judging his moves. Btw, I also specified in another reply that I'm NOT against Beliebers. I'm not even against Bieber.. I'm against driving drunk, yes. Everybody makes mistakes? Yes, but he's under the spot 24/7, he's rich as piss and young.. And if you do a mistake like that, you have to pay the consequences of his actions, LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEEN. That's it. The ones who truly love him, will surely understand and be sympathetic with him. The others will pass over this "incident", sooner or later.. ;)


          So he should get out by moving back to his country.were he can treat his own countrymen like shit.

          • Alex

            Maybe.. :D
            I don't really care about his life tbh.. The important is to not be rude to Beliebers. That's not their fault. That's it ;)

    • Lady+Gaga+
      Lady Gaga


    • JanaUniMonster

      Thanks for saying this Matt!!!! You are soo true! :)

    • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

      I strongly disagree with drinking and driving to an extreme point but I sadly must say that I have done it twice. I made a newish friend and we decided to drink at my house one night and he went completely mental! he had psych meds that he hadnt taken in a few days and he snapped after we were totally obliterated. he demanded that I take him home or he was going to do bad things (violence, steal my car, etc.).......

    • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

      ...... I live way out in the country so I drove him home on back roads and then back to my home n never spoke to him again because I didnt need that kind of activity in my life. moral of the story, I swore to myself that I would never drink and drive b4 I got my license, but three years diwn the road I found myself in a situation where I had too. never judge bcuz u may find urself in a situation where you have to do something that you totally stand against. now I am more cautious with when I drink n who I am with when I do bcuz I hope to never have to do that again.

      • Matt

        That's the point: If you were caught when you were driving,wouldn't you be arrested?This guy didn't spent even one day at the prison. And as far as I know,if I was caught,I would surely go to prison and spent probably a couple months there,depending on the level of alcohol in my blood. Justin Bieber KNEW he was putting other's lives in dangerous,and honestly,if he didn't that's even more sad,and as far as I heard,he actually wasn't just drunk,he was full of drugs.It doesn't matter what was the reason for why you were driving drunk,we all would pay. PS: Monster,please don't do this anymore.You can hurt someone,or hurt yourself! :(


      I will not support them either .I was born this way .But I refuse to die that way #dontdriveundertheinfluence!

    • Astrid+Carolina
      Astrid Carolina

      I'm agree with you.

    • John%E2%80%A0michael

      As a good person, who has actually had a DUI, the circumstances are not character altering. Please people. If you don't want to support him, fine. Don't be part of the negativity bc he's famous. I wasn't posted all over TMZ and it was hard enough without that.

      • Matt

        But I'm not being "negative" about him. As I said,I don't have anything against him or his fans. What he did was not right,and if his fans really,really love him,they should want him out of that.He should have gone to jail and stayed there,as anyone.Now that he's out,I'd suggest him find some help with his drug and alcohol addiction .If Gaga did that,I would never pretend that nothing happened,and I wouldn't "support" her,I would tell her to never do this again. Monster,I don't know exactly what happened to you,but please,don't do this again,you really can get hurt,and I sure wouldn't want that.

    • THE+Wolf+amonglords%21
      THE Wolf amonglords!

      I Applaud this

    • Parsifal

      Bravo, very well said. I agree 100 %.

  • Sydney+Lewis
    Sydney Lewis

    i love him so much too and it hurts me to see every nasty thing thats happening to him ive been trying to get this type of message to monsters for years

  • supersparklez

    You know, if it were anybody OTHER than Justin I would. Gaga, he's been such a dick to everyone, he doesn't even like his fans! I love you, and the cool thing is that you love me/us back! Justin couldn't care less about his fans and he sees his arrests as funny. I understand that the beliebers are having a tough time, but it also doesn't help how vicious they can be towards non-fans, and I promise I'm not trying to label the whole fandom on this. Love you Gaga, but I'm sorry, I won't help on this one.

  • Daniele+Rosado
    Daniele Rosado

    I'm sorry, but no. He broke the law and he is a jerk with his fans. So I can't see one good reason to support him.

    • Christian+Barbera%E2%84%A2
      Christian Barbera™


    • Kaelyn+Adele
      Kaelyn Adele

      She is saying support his fans...not him exactly!!!


        That was totally wrong of them treating him as a hero when he could have killed lady gaga if she was walking down that street. I can't support gaga on this

        • Kaelyn+Adele
          Kaelyn Adele

          No one has treated him like a hero. Just look at the comments. People are calling him all sorts of things, but it doesn't indicate that.

    • Osvaldo+A.+Contreras
      Osvaldo A. Contreras

      because sometimes the most routines people are the ones who need the most love...if you don't want to support that's fine but know that your comment is practically unnecessary. You are just spreading negativity but trying to hide it in your justification.

    • Fero+Schwarz
      Fero Schwarz

      And no support for his fans neither, because they support the stupid and bad things he does!!

  • gagaxxxgaga

    Who hacked Gaga's LM account? lol

  • DenisMonster

    Excuse me, but some people break the law only because they think they're rich and big deal, I don't judge him, but I don't support him!

    • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

      we all break the law, only difference is justin got caught. dont dont have to support but dont judge. jay walk? drive without a seatbelt? speeding? gossip? yes gossiping is actually illegal. its called Slandering Someone Else's Character.


        speak for yourself .I dont break the law.

        • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

          so you have never went not even 1 mile per hour above the speed limit even by accident? wow, you are a saint of magnificent prorportions. you dont have to intentionally break the law to still be breaking the law. sometimes its accidental too. im just saying you shuldnt judge bcuz chances are your no better than him.

          • PILOTMONSTER

            Your right I have never broke the law . I don't drive under the influence and never have got a ticket and I never use my phone while I drive. like I said speak for yourself. And if you think that I'm the only one .your wrong.and I have no doubt that I'm better than him .and there are many people that are better than him. and I will not support him or anyone that supports him .including gaga

            • Badkid84754

              what you are saying sounds just as arrogant and ignorant as anything i have ever heard JB say...

            • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

              then bye. if you dont support gaga for this then you should probably go ahead and close your account. you obviously dont understand what gaga and true monsters stand for.

              • PILOTMONSTER

                than im not a real monster . cause if gaga ever did the same thing i would not her and for you: E> S> A> D

          • PILOTMONSTER

            I've got to admit , I love your comment "saint of magnificent proportions"..I can't be mad .your sense of humor is too cool:)

      • Imogen

        Sorry but gossiping is not illegal. You're thinking of slander and they're both very different things. As for breaking the law, yeah I've done it.. But it never put other people's lives at risk. i

      • Imogen

        You need to be careful because it sounds like you're treating all crime on a level plain

  • Romain

    I don't want to spread hate or something like that ! But I just want to say, if I would have been arrested today, for the same thing, I would still be in jail, because I"m not famous. I think he deserves more than what's happening.

    He made a mistake, he has to assume.. He is a bad kid.

    • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

      actually, nothing to do with fame...just money. anyone can get out of jail in less than 24 hours for ANYTHING if you have money for bail. in this situation justins out but he still has to stand before a judge for this and he may be going back to jail if that ends up his sentence or just paying a huge fine. you dont have to support, but dont judge. if someone murders someone else and gets arrested, if they have the thousands of dollars to get bailed out they can be out of jail in less than a day, but its the same process. they have to stand before a judge and do the trial and if proven guilty will go back to jail for whatever thier sentence is. innocent until PROVEN guilty.

      • Romain

        Yes, I used the word "famous" but it means wealthy. By the way, I don't judge, I just notice. Even if your name is Bieber, you mustn't drive drunk. Just imagine if he would have caused an accident ! Because he's famous, he thinks he can do everything he wants. I'm sorry, but Gaga is famous, and she had never been arrested for anything, because she respects the laws.
        He is guilty, because he was arrested drunk, driving a car. We don't need to find another clue.
        I am pretty sure he won't be put in jail after his judgment, just because he is famous, and just because he have a lot of money for a good lawyer.

        Now I repeat, even if you disagree : He deserves what's happening !

        I support his fans, because I think it's very difficult for them, but I don't support him. He is a bad kid.

  • L%C3%ADvia+Teixeira
    Lívia Teixeira

    I'm so sorry Gaga, but I really don't agree with this.. I really don't like the person who's Justin Bieber are.. You know, he did a LOT of shit in this time.. In my country too.. He's rude with his fans and with other people.. I'm sorry, tag don't have my support..

  • Yemanj%C3%A1+GoddessofSea
    Yemanjá GoddessofSea

    Justin B was drinking and using drugs,it's a bad influences for Beliebers.It's is incorrect and him got your punishment.He he could have killed someone....

  • Maths%26amp%3BGaga

    This is the most hypocritical you've ever said!
    Are you not aware that Justin Bieber referred to a girl as a 'beached whale', a comment which allegedly lead to that same girl committing suicide?
    You can't ask us to show compassion for someone who defies everything you teach us.

    • Julia+Normoyle
      Julia Normoyle

      I can't believe how many people actually believe any of this stuff! I mean the drinking and driving is wrong and he should clean up his act, but all that other shit is mostly false! And how the fuck is Lady Gaga hypocritical by trying to see things from another perspective!

      • Maths%26amp%3BGaga

        This guy treats his fans like dirt and found amusement in egging someone's house ... where is this other perspective!?

        • Julia+Normoyle
          Julia Normoyle

          Okay I'm talking from my friends perspective now. She is a belieber and she's one if the nicest people I know. She had some and Justin was the only one who could make her happy. If he treated his fans like dirt that wouldn't be the case and he wouldn't have that many fans. I'm sorry for trying to like at the positive side. Sorry

    • ahiotis

      Amazing comment. Accountability leads to true acceptance.

  • Everett+Psychotic+Music+Head

    I will support his fans because I know what it's like for ones favorite to be ridiculed, but I cannot support him because what he did was really dangerous and he has constantly been a horrible influence for his young fan base. And quite frankly he's lucky he didn't kill somebody today.

  • TakeOffToVenus

    I'm suprised you support this but not when Ke$ha went to rehab. I'm not throwing shit, just surprised.

  • Ari

    Gaga I'm sorry but I will not use any tag helping neither Justin nor their fans.

  • V%C3%ADctor

    Excuse me but there is no excuse to be "driving" under the influence of anything, what if he killed someone? He needs to grow up. His fans have no fault.

    • Michael+Joseph+Newberry

      ppl txt and talk or use thier phone while driving and thats just as dangerous. so if u do these things or have ever done these things u r just as guilty as him. you dont have to support but dont judge.

  • L%C3%ADvia+Teixeira
    Lívia Teixeira

    I know, is really bad judge other people, but he's a rude person.. Treat his fans bad and other people bad.. You know, he agrided one paparazzi not a long time ago.. I'm sorry Monsters and Beliebers but he don't have my support and don't have my respect too, in my vision he don't diserve this.. I'm so sorry Gaga, I hope you see this comment and my other one..

  • JananyB

    Gaga, thank u for this amazing words. I'm Belieberomonster and I'm proud of having such wonderful idols as you and Justin

  • Torsoface

    Sorry gags, but no

  • Morena+Cherry
    Morena Cherry

    I won't support him, gags but I also won't spread hate. I'll keep my mouth shut.

  • Javier

    I'm sorry gaga, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. What Justin Bieber did was wrong and, yes we're all humans and we will always make mistakes in our lives (some bigger than others), but showing our support to Beliebers during this time in any way could be a way of showing them that supporting the things that Justin has been doing for the past year (at least) is right and that Justin deserves to be forgiven every time he does something stupid. I hope every Justin fan realizes that what he is going through now is necessary for him so he can understand the real risks of his actions, and that they should not be using him as a life example in any way. I won't judge anyone who supports Justin Bieber or his fan base at any point in time, and hope that he gets back in track asap.

    • Javier

      @gaga I hope that this works as a wake up call for Justin as well as for other people that look up to him as an idol and example. Being in jail is never an easy thing to live and is never the result of something minor we've done.

  • Wesley+Xavier
    Wesley Xavier

    Ah excuse me no, he is rich, he is a soon of a dad, he's an attention whore. Theres a lot of poor guys in africa that really needs support, not him. I love you gaga, but no. Sorry

  • Razvan+Gabriel+Moraru
    Razvan Gabriel Moraru

    the first post of gaga that I dislike. @gemma is right

  • Felipe

    I am sorry Gaga but i dont agree with his attitudes and nor his fans

  • Jessica

    I just don't think there is anything to 'understand' about someone driving under influence. He did something illegal and very stupid.


    sorry but i cant agree with u in this! he is bad idol for teenegers and u tell us to support him? excuse me no

  • Lucas+Germanotta
    Lucas Germanotta

    Sorry but I will not do that. He came to my country and treated their fans with ingratitude. I do not like it, so he could have stayed in jail because that is what he deserves and you know it.

  • Alan+Davis
    Alan Davis

    He was born to get high and do stupid things?

  • Mateusz+Kampa
    Mateusz Kampa

    It's so true. We should be kind and help Beliebers :3 i'm Belieber too!

  • Pascal+%1A%E2%9A%A1+%E2%80%A0+%E2%88%87+%E2%97%8F

    Sorry - but no... He broke the law and it's time that he takes the consequences for what he did. I don't want to image what could have happened - I mean he was drunk and stoned and yet, he was still driving around... He could have hurt a lot of people and his immature fans still defend him....

  • %2AMariana%2A+Mons%E2%80%A0er
    *Mariana* Mons†er


  • DonnieDarko1

    I won't support a person who was drunk and driving. Thank God, no one got killed beacuse of him and thank God he was caught. I'm sorry but its too much to ask. He should seek help, I agree.

  • Ashley+Rowley
    Ashley Rowley

    Gaga I accept the fact that you're supporting Bieber and all that but I cannot support someone who was drag racing under the influence of drugs and alcohol
    , where he put peoples lives at risk and he only coped a slap on the wrist for that, nothing at all.... Here in Australia, we have harsh punishment for that crime... If we have to suffer, why can't he?? coz his rich and famous?? it's unfair should be EQUAL weither their celebs of not... Sorry if this upsets anyone but i'm entitled to my opinion like everyone else....


    Gaga they dont even deserve it

  • fa%E2%80%A0ih

    gaga i cant believe you are asking us to support a criminal just to get more people under your spell. you dont need this shit, do it with your music, do it with your voice. you really are beginning to bother me. i miss the old incredible gaga and i want her back... u were much stronger. money & fame changed you... sorry but his is my sincere opinion. pull yourself together or your carier will be in much more danger.

  • Lucas+Andrade
    Lucas Andrade

    Sorry, but I don't support him!


    i don't understand you gaga

  • Cakes+Hill
    Cakes Hill

    SORRY, but NO! He got what HE wanted. @gaga

  • Archie+Abaldo+McGoldrick

    i love how like if any celeb/artist said this to his/hers fans, they would agree with them because there sooo obsessed and fan girling about the place, but lady gaga's fans are very opinionated and mature and can even say no or disagree with their own idol.


      I know this is amazing .I disagreed with gaga thinking that people were going to hate me. I was amazed at how many people disagreed. There have been many times were gaga has said something a n d everyone just went along with it. but this is different. right is right and wrong is wrong we are all here agreeing to disagree with gaga that is a huge bond between us littlemonsters .I love being a littlemonster.

  • Mons%E2%80%A0%27Erikson


  • Maria+Collette
    Maria Collette

    I will NEVER support him for all the crap he's put his fans through and everything he's done. I know you believe in equality, but when he is harming others I believe that some justice is necessary.

  • Tassos+Mpanos
    Tassos Mpanos

    monsters relax!!!! how would you feel if you where 19 years old and not having a life??? he doesnt have a life!! In the age of 19 you usually do other things, like hanging out with friends, having a girlfriend, playing electronic games in PS... He cannot do not even one thing of these! He is depressed and he cant have his own life!!! He was born this way, and we have to think about it.... Also, his fans havent done anything to deserve that hate and judgement from other people!!! I really think we should do this.... #MonstersSupportBeliebers

  • Gypsy%7CAya

    Gaga, this time you are wrong.
    I was also a belieber(I quit cus I Cudnt bear all shits he made)
    If you love him, you should get angry at him when he does bad things, shouldn't you?
    It's not FAIR at all.
    Cars can KILL ppl easily, it's much worse than using many drugs. It's ok if he dies because of his fault but SHOULD NEVER HURT OTHERS.
    So I don't agree with you Gaga. This time I get a little disappointed on you, I thought you had a better thought. And if you get disappointed I'm sorry but I'm born this way.

  • Tain%C3%A1

    Sorry for my English, I am Brazilian and not speak English very well .. Sorry mother monster, I love you so much and always accept their beautiful attitudes to provide support to those in need. But this time I will not do so if the fans are suffering for it's his fault, irresponsible who drank, did drugs, got in his car and put the lives of innocent people at risk. Because he did not think on his fans before doing this? Sorry my queen, but I disagree with you = (

  • Andre+Manes
    Andre Manes

    No. I won't. That's wrong.

  • %E2%98%AE+Thais+%E2%98%AE
    ☮ Thais ☮

    I'm sorry Gaga but you will have to pay me for do this. I'm here for you and not for supporting that guy who just do shits

  • Gizele+Weber
    Gizele Weber

    excuse me no

  • Lohla

    you need to stop defending men who do awful things just because you relate to them being ~an outsider~ or ~criticized. i know you're trying to be sweet but pull it together. you are so much better than that. gaga you're a powerful voice USE IT TO SPEAK UP FOR VICTIMS, not for the privileged and selfish.