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    still waiting

  • AdamSpira

    There is no shame just because you didn't release a music video! As long as you are still Lady gaga and are in the music business, I couldn't be happier. :D Just don't forget that there are monsters out there that still love you <3

  • Chloe+Castro
    Chloe Castro

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much love and respect I have for you, all these years, just sticking it through. You are the strongest female artist out there, and I greatly AND highly respect you for that. Thank you for your music. God only knows I wish I had more money so that I could buy tickets to meet you in person or possibly tour with you around the world during one of your world tours. Not a day goes by that i don't wish you were my personal vocal coach. You inspire me every day. Thank you again for saving my life. I love you Gagaloo. Stay strong. I'll always stay strong for you! :,)

  • Chloe+Castro
    Chloe Castro

    in their words, they still adore, and look up to you. But it is nothing YOU need to apologize for. Your music is amazing, and those who call you a flop... IGNORE them... they obviously don't know the time and effort you take to create such masterpieces with your words and your knack for good taste in music. Continue to be what you tell us to be: anyone you want to be, proud, respectful, happy, not rude, etc. Just remember there is nothing wrong with caring about you more than once in a while. If I do not stop typing I will never finish my homework. Just know that you are my hero and savior. If it weren't for you, I'd probably be already dead from killing myself in my junior year of high school. I love you with all of my heart. (last continued...)

  • Chloe+Castro
    Chloe Castro

    an angel sent from God to guide and protect us through life's journey. If we allow ourselves to not only truly open our eyes, but open our hearts and see Gaga for who she really is, and drink in every word she has to pour out to us, we, meaning you fellow monsters, WILL understand that she will never give up on reaching her goal to make us happy. For that is her dream, and it has always been her dream ever since she was a little girl. So to you, Gagaloo, do not apologize for something you cannot control. Life happens, and that is exactly what you had to go through to make sure you were still ok to get back on stage to continue making us happy. Understand that you did NOTHING wrong. I ...WE... love you. I know deep inside that even though some little monsters show hatred (continued...)

  • Chloe+Castro
    Chloe Castro

    It is our turn to return the favor by showing her how much we appreciate her love for us and her as a human being. She is human just like the rest of us, and that means that troubles occur in her life just as much as these troubles occur in ours. We must acknowledge the fact that she is not like other artists. She will ALWAYS put us first before anyone or anything else. But during the times that she must put HERSELF first, to ensure that she is alive and well to continue on with her ARTPOP dream journey for US, her loyal Little Monsters, all I ask is that we show her our support the whole way through. She has been through A LOT, and for those of us who have the gall to say that she is a flop just once, don't really know who Lady Gaga REALLY is. She's a hero and honestly (continued...)

  • Chloe+Castro
    Chloe Castro

    Please fellow monsters let us respect Gaga's wishes and let us be respectful towards one another, and not harsh with our words. She's done MORE than for us; she's not just sitting around doing nothing. Keep in mind that our Goddess of Love even schedules when she SLEEPS. She has interviews, events she is invited to, to perform at, world tour concerts, warm-ups for concerts, vocal lessons, eating, photoshoots, etc. She has TONS of things she is doing for herself and us, but mostly for us. She shouldn't even have to be saying that she is sorry for not uploading the video. If it ever gets uploaded then Hallelujah, you got your wish. God knows I've been waiting, too, but we all have to consider the fact that she will NEVER let us down. Now it is our turn to not let her down (continued...)

  • Danny+Oficial
    Danny Oficial

    We will always love you Mother independent of decisions and choices in Loved you!

  • arrichetta


  • hamdi+monster
    hamdi monster


  • Lelebrando

    I love ARTPOP and I love you

  • Tareq+Gaga
    Tareq Gaga

    guess what , Its just another fucking video we dont care about as much as we care about you gaga , NOTHING TO BE SORRY FOR , ANYWAYS , YOU STILL HAVE FUTURE RELEASES , we wont get pissed off only for this one out of millions , arent we ?????????????????????????




    Not pressuring or anything just WONDERING what happening to this car crash of a promotion...?

  • Leonardo+Mendez
    Leonardo Mendez

    I'm still waiting.

  • Tomislav

    you have maded big mistake because of not releasing video for song


    like: still waiting wtf

  • mothermonster3

    i love u <3

    • Xavier+Nokes+%E2%80%A0
      Xavier Nokes †

      We love you the most! PAWS UP FOREVER <3

    • Mandesh+Valencia+
      Mandesh Valencia

      Apparently there will be no video ‬ ‪ # DWUW, but that's the least important thing right now, I'd rather gaga rest a while, I do not like to see it bad
      Fully trust her

    • Mandesh+Valencia+
      Mandesh Valencia

      We love you su much <3

    • Mandesh+Valencia+
      Mandesh Valencia

      You're my all, I'll always be supporting you <3

    • Savannah+Davis
      Savannah Davis

      You are a hero

    • purple+teardrops
      purple teardrops

      Omg you have nothing to
      apologise for gaga. I don't care about the video, I only care for your happiness at the stage that's really all that matters. We all love you so much and can't wait to see what else you have in store. im sorry your having a hard time. Let's look to the future ! GAGA & MONSTERS FOREVER XXX

    • purple+teardrops
      purple teardrops

      Omg you have nothing to
      apologise for gaga. I don't care about the video, I only care for your happiness at the stage that's really all that matters. We all love you so much and can't wait to see what else you have in store. im sorry your having a hard time. Let's look to the future ! GAGA & MONSTERS FOREVER XXX

    • Madi+Lloyd
      Madi Lloyd

      I love you Gaga! You make my life worth living!!! Paws Up!!

    • Mariah+%F0%9F%94%B5ARTPOPIST%F0%9F%94%B5

      I love you so much. You don't deserve people to betray you like that you are A GODDESS and I'm sorry. You don't need to apologize for your art ever, no matter the release date. Remember that Gaga. ❤️

    • john+dqee
      john dqee

      ey mother don't be sad .... we love u so much .. ♥ a truly monster is with you until the last moment and after, and one of those monsters be me -

  • Tareq+Gaga
    Tareq Gaga

    Take you time lady gaga

  • Tareq+Gaga
    Tareq Gaga

    @gaga I almost CRIED reading through this , you're such an amazing person

  • Emilio


  • Gemma

    Love you so much. Our hearts are always open to you, you don't need to apologise. I'm sorry this has happened to you, for someone with such a big heart, it's the last thing you deserve. You deserve the world and I'm sorry if you feel like monsters have let you down. We'll be here by your side until the end <3 It's breaking my heart seeing you upset. Most of us don't care about DWUW video being delayed, we just care about your health. We never left.

    • Allison

      @gaga I'm happy you were to filter out the people that were taking advantage of you and your success. Now it's time to leave that in the past and look forward into what ARTPOP can bring. I know you have it in you to turn this around! And i truly believe that these next few months will start to look up and turn into something amazing.
      We believe whole heatedly in you and know you have so much to show us and teach us. I can't wait to see all of the things that you will create :)

      • %E2%9C%AA+Luis+PQ
        ✪ Luis PQ


    • Kianna+Garcia
      Kianna Garcia

      gaga thanks you for explaining you didnt have to but you did and it so sad that people would treat like that it show you how many fake friends are out there just only want money they don't want nothing else but your fame so we can wait it sad all stuff that going thru in your life i totally understand your pain but just remember we will be here for you no matter what

    • memo+monster
      memo monster


    • Luciana

      It breaks my heart that GaGa is asking us for forgiveness. You did absolutely nothing wrong. EU TE AMO, GaGa!!

      • Christian+Barbera%E2%84%A2
        Christian Barbera™

        i think she maybe felt threatened by alot by alot of monsters saying they wanted the DWUW video constantly.
        it breaks me heart tho :(

        • LadySalvador

          yes u r right chris! I have noticed lm have been whinning about the dwuw video. Just Stop putting more pressure on Gaga. She has a lot to deal with from all the BS we dont know about!!!! Just fuking b patient ok lm!!! Lets all support her and let her know we love her!!!

      • Obliminal

        Same thing im saying I hope she knows it's ok

    • NODA%E2%80%A0


    • Aleksandar+Stanimirovic

      At this moment I just want to hug you...

    • Sun+Flowers
      Sun Flowers

      my exact thoughts. gaga, you will be forever loved and you don't need to ask for our forgiveness. we are on this journey with you. we belong together and nothing will ever change that. you deserve the entire universe for being such a kind, loving and beautiful goddess. we will follow you to the end of the world. never forget that

    • %2A%2A

      Mom, with you I learned about not only fashion, music etc. but also being myself, brave, strong. with you I learned about loving the who really I am. You always thought us that never giving up on ourselves. Now, it's your turn you have to be strong. you don't need to explain everything about your social life. you don't need to apologise. you did nothing wrong. whatever you did, they were always for us, and they are. please don't be sad okay? mothers are always the strongest woman in their children's life. you're the strongest woman I have ever met. Just smile, we're all here for you as always

    • Lu%C3%ADzo

      I never left. And I'll never leave you. @gaga This comment, my thoughts exactly.

    • T+Germanotta
      T Germanotta

      Gaga our hearts are always open we love you more than anything

      Gaga + Monsters = 😍💖💓

  • mrpoos

    It's unfortunate that GAGA teaches her "monsters" that life is about blame and not taking responsibility for your actions and what you create in your universe. Blame creates self hate and stops the personal growth that takes place we own our failures.

  • Tareq+Gaga
    Tareq Gaga

    Guys , the DWUW video , I assure you , IS COMING , but all you have to do is wait !!!!

    It will come I'm sure , but please wait ... Since @gaga has ALWAYS spoken the truth and she is obedient to her children , us , and we also should accept this message and wait , for how long ???
    Two - Three months or so ...

    But please wait , and , don't forget to be kind to one another and never hate , except if it's @tarasavelo uuggghhh that fat slut , any ways thank you

  • Angie+Franco%E2%80%A0
    Angie Franco†

    no debe ponerse mal por un retraso de el video nosotros siempre estaremos con usted pase lo que pase hemos esperado mucho por sus otro videos y esperar un poco masno hara la diferencia ,no se ponga triste porque asi se nos rompen nuestros corazones , todo estara bien , gracias <3<3<3<3<3

  • Yeremy+Noel+Salas+Ortiz

    I love U Gaga soy tu fan #1 esperare por DWUW I love U Girl!!!

  • GagaLove

    Gaga what ever you did i love and i will always love you and i want will never stop loving you !! For ever and for always your little monster :3 <3 :* ^^

  • Martin+Foy
    Martin Foy


    • Omar

      GAGA we want the video just as you envisioned it so take the time you want love you ! xoxo

    • NODA%E2%80%A0


  • ArtPopYourPussy

    Just do you Gaga, we can wait sweetheart.

  • Alvaro+Navarro
    Alvaro Navarro

    I love you mommy, you are my inspiration in everything

  • Art+Of+Gaga
    Art Of Gaga

    "open ur hearts again"?!?! we never closed them to you baby!!

  • Rachel+Marion
    Rachel Marion

    No worries you have never disappointed me!!! I'm so sorry to hear of your hardships I guess that's what comes from fame but you are so strong for all of us. Everything happens for a reason. With all my love & admiration, Rachel

  • Arty123

    It's ok Gaga. It's understandable how critics and the media can be! Ur true loyal fans still love u and support u no matter what :-)

  • Aboudi

    Been here for you since 2008 Gaga. And I'll forever be. You saved my life. Watching you grow and create music makes me happy. Never stop, even if nobody's behind you. There will always be someone that believes in you and your music. I'm sorry.. I meant OUR music <3 :) I love you <3

  • Little+Big+Monster+%3A%29
    Little Big Monster :)

    U don't need to apologise Gaga I will wait until is ready :) <3

  • George

    It genuinely pains me that you think you have to ask our forgiveness. You are and will always be so much more than enough for us, you give everything to us and so many will be eternally thankful for what you've done. The world will know one day, what you truly are and what we are. For now, we know it. #monster4ever

  • Dana+Domalski
    Dana Domalski

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what happened? Who betrayed Gaga and how did they betray her? Of course us monsters want nothing but Gaga's health and happiness and she can take all the time in the world to create the visions the way she sees them and the way she wants us to see them. The DWUW video I didn't even know was going to come out any time soon, so this is news to me. I got lost somewhere...I don't read headlines or gossip. Please, someone, let me know what happened...thank you! #ARTPOP #loveforGaga

  • YaniraMons%E2%80%A0er

    I love u mother monster <3

  • %E2%9C%AAPetga

    I would like DWUW video today cuz I have no school

  • AvantARTPOP

    You do not need to apologize Gaga! We love you so much and you know that. I am so sorry for the people that have betrayed you, they obviously do not understand your message of spreading love and kindness, all they want is greed. Just try to forget about them because they do not matter and contribute nothing to your beautiful message. Just know that MONSTERS love you so much and that we will stand by you forever and ever, including me. You saved my life, and now it's time for us to save yours. PAWS UP x ARTPOP

  • Samantha+Mitchell
    Samantha Mitchell

    I have never felt so much love from such a talent and amazing person before. Let us forgive her monsters. She deserves the best. Get well soon Gaga! We will always stand by you, and never give up on you!

  • Samantha+Mitchell
    Samantha Mitchell

    We love you so much Gaga. We want you to be healthy and happy. It doesn't matter if we have to wait ten years, we want your true self, and your true talent, and to be the Goddess that you are when you are well enough to work again. We all know what you are capable of doing, and we still believe in you and love you for the wonderful person that you are. <3

  • Denda+Reloaded
    Denda Reloaded

    take ur time gurl, we love ya anyway and take care of your health! xx <33

  • Irene+Weiss
    Irene Weiss

    no words for that, just that you'll always have us there for you. What matters i that you are fine, it doesn't matter how much we have to wait untill a new video or a new song comes, the important thing is that we can stand together, share ideas, work like a group...all the critics can hit us every day, but that doesn't matter because when we want something, we get it because we are a stong group. Don't worry about anything, you don't have to apologize and I'm sure i'm not the only one who understands that. we all send you our love, you are our world and those who still here are because we understand, love and support you :*

  • dadarock

    Gaga we're here for you, we're here no matter what happens, no matter if we're gonna wait for music and videos more than expected. We're here for U. For Lady Gaga. The person, the woman, the Artist we know. Don't be sorry. We'll never leave you. Be strong. I'm gonna be strong for you, just like you've been strong for me and all little monsters all over the world. I love you. <3

  • Roby

    Gaga if only u can see my face full of tears we love u and only wish the best for u. Ur music is just an extension of ur love we know u have a genuine heart and yes we expect so much from U because we don't know the whole story. I can't speak for everyone but I'm truely sorry for the way some of us treat u like spoiled brats. We love u no matter wat weather ur #1 or not even on the chart we love u and wish the best for u. Hope everything goes well from now on my resolution is to work harder for my dream and because of u I've learned to aspire to do bigger things love u again. :) xoxo

    - Roby

  • Alex+Redfield
    Alex Redfield

    Gaga you ARE our Goddess, we don't have nothing to forgive, we are here for u and for all u need. We adore u, we adore ARTPOP, and we adore all of U. We can wait all the time for the video so don't worry, you are the most important :)

  • S%E2%80%A0eeven+S%E2%80%A0and
    S†eeven S†and

    I feel so bad now! It's like is our fault, please forgive us! We love you more than anything! DONT BE SORRY! We are here for you. LOVE.

  • The+Alaskan+Little+Monster

    Love you more!

  • %E2%9C%AA+Aphrodite+Goddess
    ✪ Aphrodite Goddess

    im just sorry, for banging ur twitter for dwuw video. well, just please take a time. but keep in touch ok