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  • Gabrielle+Diana
    Gabrielle Diana


  • Lady+Gaga
    Lady Gaga

    you are so beautiful , and your message to me is so powerful. in fact it is much more than the media, the media has also supported me in the past. there are always ups and downs. my heart breaks from the people i have trusted and loved who i've worked so closely with, who have used me, lied to me, worked me into the ground for the personal gain. when i woke up in the hospital after my surgery there were many people that were not there. my health did not matter. i did not matter unless i could perform. this is a very hard lesson. I have lost love ones to the greed of money. it is not interscope. They in fact love me very much and will see ARTPOP to the end.

    • The+Supreme
      The Supreme

      good stuff

    • Gabrielle+Diana
      Gabrielle Diana

      I am honestly speechless but thank you for reading this and I just want you to know I would never leave you and I will never leave you. ARTPOP Forever. x

      • Tim

        Let it shine bright ARTPOP :)

      • Mireia+Aphrodite
        Mireia Aphrodite

        congrats beautiful. i am so glad she saw and commented this post. you're a kind hearted person. makes me happy she's being confident to us and that's thanks to people like you. let it shine bright ARTPOP

      • Dimi+Germanotta
        Dimi Germanotta

        I cried when I read the answer to Gaga. YES Gaga, we will be always with you!! WE LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

    • Ruben

      gaga te amo

    • Muffin+Mons%E2%80%A0er
      Muffin Mons†er

      Gaga the only people in your life you can trust are your family. And we'll always be an extension of your family <3

    • Eilidh+%7C+Monster
      Eilidh | Monster

      No no no please do not ever think that you don't matter. You mean EVERYTHING to us okay? Please do not forget that x

    • JustCallMeBelu

      I love you so much ♥.

    • HeffyD

      unfortunately live will throw the toughest lessons in our face. the hard part is facing these head first. It'll feel like it's tearing you down but the strength that will come from it will be so worth it. Stick with the feelings and the hurt. We'll stick by you. <3

    • EMiLY+%7C+Seashell+Girl
      EMiLY | Seashell Girl

      I'm so sorry that people left you, I just don't understand how anyone could use such a loving & genuine person :'( I LOVE YOU & will -always- be here for you! xxx

    • Goddess+of+Love
      Goddess of Love

      We love you Gaga - you are our queen forever <3 - remains strong, we will always be there for you as you have always been for us <3


      there will bealways those people :/ but im glad that u confirmed u confirmed that there is no problems with u and interscope!

  • Gabrielle+Diana
    Gabrielle Diana

    I'm so happy Gaga saw this I'm literally

  • Gabrielle+Diana
    Gabrielle Diana

    to me being monster isn't about charts and numbers it's about standing tall and supporting Gaga through everything :)

  • katjaStayK

    Gaga does EVERYTHING FOR US.

  • Clothilde

    P.S. Very nicely put statement, by the way.

  • Clothilde

    Hi Belle.. I just had to ask.. was that a reference to Tori?

  • Adam+Dunne
    Adam Dunne

    This message is beautiful! You've not just inspired Gaga you have inspired me too! Gaga is strong and we all have to support her TOGETHER! Were monsters and we stand by our leader weather it might be at her highest point or lowest! @gaga Everything gets worse before it gets better but trust me I can see much more better things happening for you! You are strong and beautiful so are you @bebegladu! We all have to stand together, block negativity and create beautiful ART and POP music. We are ARTPOP and we belong together!

  • HeffyD

    I'm so glad she liked this bebe cause they're beautiful words. I wouldn't have seen them only i'm creeping on her comments (awful of me, I know) and i'm glad Gaga's brought me to this. I'm in support of your words m'dear. They're beautiful. congrats on the fact Gaga saw them. <3

  • Wesley

    all monsters suport you gaga!

  • LadyGaga%27sNo.1LittleMons%E2%80%A0er

    That is true what he said in these powerful and amazing message, we are always going to be here for you, it doesn't matter about no awards, videos, or anything but all that matters is the love and the care we all have for you! Yeah, we don't know what is going on and has gone on in the past in your personal life , but that is yours, but no matter how hard it gets, I will always love and I respect you so much . You are amazing, an icon , an inspiration, I have spread love and positivity every single day to make you proud and because it is kind and loving. Gaga, you are not alone, I love you and the love and the care you have for us, monsters, is so nice and amazing, you are the kindest xxx paws up and stay strong as I know you can be I love you !xx

  • Holy+Hooker
    Holy Hooker

    Gaga always gets out of tough spots, I know she will again. And when she does, Monsters will be here for her <3

  • DianaXO

    You and @gaga have me in tears right now. Your message to her was so touching and so powerful. Also, there aren't many celebrities who would ever take the time to reply. @gaga Always remember that you ALWAYS have us!! We will never leave your side..We hate seeing you hurt and we will always do whatever it takes to make you smile! We love you!!

  • Lucas+Galego
    Lucas Galego

    BEAUTIFUL! I second that! :)

  • Victoria

    @gaga I don't have any words to express how much I love u. I really want u to be happy I don't like to know that you're sad babe we are here for u we love u we are a family. I'm sending u all my love!! I love u so much!!!

  • Alejandro+Juarez
    Alejandro Juarez

    We could belong together!

  • JR+BTW
    JR BTW

    Te amo and I´ll always love you dont´tt forget it linda much love from Peru in the ups and downs! :´) @gaga

  • Renae+monster
    Renae monster

    Gaga we are all here to support you always! No matter what condition you are in ❤️❤️ Monsters will love you no matter how much awards or money or fans you have! Your true fans will stick by you, I know I'm one true fan that loves you for whatever you have! You taught us all that❤️

  • Alejandra+Moreno+%28Al
    Alejandra Moreno (Al

    bebe .... You wrote something beautiful and it was obvious that it would read ... gaga from your post she now knows that we are totally unconditional and never see go, she always woke up knowing he has the strongest friends in the world, so we do not know at all .... but she is a gypsy and soon we will see screaming back into the tour ARTPOP!

  • Alejandra+Moreno+%28Al
    Alejandra Moreno (Al

    you're never going to leave beautiful gypsy ... You taught us to be together no matter what and that you do, from every part of the world we send you hugs, good energy and love, remember what your grandma told you at home the day I brought you your first record: you can mourn for today, but then you must stand up and kick ass .... and how will you? with such a beautiful talent you were born with: your voice.

  • Gabrielle+Diana
    Gabrielle Diana


  • Rhiannon85

    beautiful post!! Gaga truly needs to know how much we love and care for her! <3

  • GagaUnicorn

    and gaga liked this!

  • Salima

    And as we said, no matter what, we will ALWAYS love you and support you through anything. @Gaga you and us have been through a lot of rough things. We are all so strong, no one can destroy us, always keep that in mind baby <3

  • Salima

    Thank you @bebegladu for putting in words all i which i could say to @gaga right now. It just makes me so sad to know she's not happy. You make soooo many people happy, you've always keep inspiring people, you gave me so much, i can't even put it into words, it is something i feel in my heart and soul. I'm proud you did that painting, and that you let go all your insecurities, into something powerful that is Art. Your message inspired me too @bebegladu , and i'm very thankful for that too :)
    Lots of love from Paris xoxo

  • Victor%27+Sevilla
    Victor' Sevilla

    I'm so happy that this beautiful message has being seen for lady Gaga, we are here for her, for her art, for her music and for the beautiful and amazing person she is. Monsters support its a beautiful thing! smile Gaga!

  • biggest+Lady+Gaga+Fan
    biggest Lady Gaga Fan

    i love you gaga

  • Glitter+swine
    Glitter swine

    I am literally crying. The fact that us monsters can be so open with each other is truly beautiful.

  • RomanMinaj


  • Peter+Anthony+White
    Peter Anthony White

    We'll said! Love gaga forever! Your the light in this dark world :) xxxxxx

  • MaRkUsChU

    Yes this is ARTPOP a never ending love :)

  • Laurie+Monster
    Laurie Monster

    We love u gaga. You are everything to us! I do not care about charts and media (i've learn to ignore them witah ARTPOP)! Like others Monsters, I care about how u feel, your amazing music, my brothers and sisters monsters, love, ARTPOP. You in first. I really hope you feel good Mommy

  • Regina

    @gaga what's going on ? it's very kind of you , I'm glad to see you

  • Jamel+%E2%80%A2%E2%80%A2
    Jamel ••

    this is so beautiful :'( ♥ i cracked a huge smile reading it . gaga needs to know tgat were always here at any moment ♥

  • Wayne%E2%96%BC

    I'm so happy when I see all monsters are make love together! WE ARE THE FAMILY.

  • %E2%80%A0+Ryan+aka+JJ+%E2%80%A0
    † Ryan aka JJ †

    YAY! Mother Monster is back with us!

  • Prisco

    Stay strong @gaga we need you

  • Baby.Monster

    Honestly, if we could have been there supporting you, we would have. It's all about the love. Keep your head up, we are right behind you. Don't be afraid of falling, we are here to catch you.

  • Mario+Torres
    Mario Torres

  • Loyman+Casco
    Loyman Casco

    boom I knew it gaga and interscope have a good relationship she's said it in interviews before

  • Juan+Belindez+LATINO+MONSTER

    gaga please stop wallowing in your own perceived misery without realizing doing so is a luxury. thanks.

  • TakeOffToVenus

    I couldn't have explained myself better

  • %E2%9C%AA+Aleksandra+Padyk
    ✪ Aleksandra Padyk

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it's gonna be ok, just take a deep breath @gaga

  • Forever+Young+%F0%9F%8E%B6
    Forever Young 🎶

    That painting is evil.

  • Nicole+Stephi+G+%E2%80%A0+Sex+Dreams

    Gaga I hate when it happens we all love you so much I don't want you to be sad you deserve to be happy

  • katjaStayK

    We heal together as we live together and love together.

  • Jesse

    @gaga i feel like with what u just told us that your hip injury happened for a larger universal reason, true colors were deff shown

  • Jase

    we're all here for you. we're a massive family which can never be destroyed :) xx

  • John+McQueen
    John McQueen

    thank god gaga is fine! i was worrried that she might be depressed!!!

  • Juliana+Santana
    Juliana Santana

    She really care about us. I love her so much <3