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  • Edgar+Ferrer+Mendez
    Edgar Ferrer Mendez

    this should be on top!

    • Colin+%E2%80%A0
      Colin †

      Yes those things are nothing without gaga :( She is more important <3 I love her so much I just want she to be ok too <3

    • %E2%80%A0+BlackCrown+%E2%80%A0
      † BlackCrown †

      Totally true, Gaga should know that we need her more than the albums or the concerts. She is our MotherMonster, we are nothing without her. She don't have to be sorry or worried because she can't do the concerts, she needs rest before everything. We Want You Health Gaga ! =)

    • %E2%9C%AA+Aleksandra+Padyk
      ✪ Aleksandra Padyk

      @† Taihin Eletra †:

  • Kaniece

    Without Gaga, we wouldn't even have those things. She is more important.

  • Claudia+Grover
    Claudia Grover

    Exactly!! we must remember that she is a human! we can't push her so hard with the new album!! we have to worry about stephanie (the human) because without her there's no gaga, and without gaga, there's no music

  • Julia+Carone
    Julia Carone

    omg if I could "like" this picture a 1000 thousand times...

  • Luis+Miguel
    Luis Miguel


  • %E2%99%88+axelmons%E2%80%A0er
    ♈ axelmons†er

    I love your post!!! Praying for Gaga is OK of course. But it's not enough. She really deserves a break and medical care and for sure she'll be fine again. BTWB and ARTPOP are things which can be delayed, the most important is that Gaga recovers. GAGA WE ALL LOVE YOÜ ♥

  • Gemma+Vause
    Gemma Vause

    Love this. Her health is way more important than anything. Hopefully she heals fast

  • Conservative+Unicorn
    Conservative Unicorn

    "L'artiste meurt pour son art" That's why I'm Conservative. Anyway, I pray for Gaga :(

    • Bel%C3%A9n

      Music Industry please dont kill the artist, something like that right ?

  • Shane+Calderone
    Shane Calderone

    As much as I want ARTPOP... I want Gaga to be healthy otherwise ARTPOP will be shit. Gaga's health is the most important thing...

  • Luna

    FUCK ART POP FUCK THE PERFUME FUCK THE BOOKK,DVDS ,finally someboys says this straight,thanks!!

  • %E2%80%A0+Candy+Warhol+%E2%80%A0
    † Candy Warhol †

    I am praying so hard for gaga, i really hope she's ok :'( she is so much more important than the tour or artpop.

  • Hasan+Can
    Hasan Can

    So true!

  • Nina


  • Mr+Nice+Spice+Evolution

    I just want her to be ok.. i don't care about other stuff. GaGa, please, take care of yourself as much as you can.. I'm close to you with all my heart. I love you!

  • Dobby

    I don't care about that fucking BTWBT, I don't care about ARTPOP. I care only for my Beautiful Queen, she is my life, she is the reason that I love my self, she makes me the most stronger person in the world. She helps me to understand that I WAS BORN THIS WAY! ♥ PAWS UP FOR MOMMY AND TARA!

  • Dani+Ainsworth
    Dani Ainsworth

    I just want gaga get well :(

  • Joaquin+%E2%80%A0
    Joaquin †


  • Vik%E2%80%A0oria

    BTWBall and ARTPOP is nothing without Gaga. Hope she gets well <3

  • Carol+Costa+%E2%88%9E
    Carol Costa ∞

    My favorite post about all it !

  • Bubble+Dreams
    Bubble Dreams

    love this post :) I'M AGREE ♥

  • Vick+Tor
    Vick Tor

    Thanks God!

  • Saba+Dangadze
    Saba Dangadze

    ofcourse! I just can't explain mommy,, how importany you are for me ♥ : ((((((( PLEASE GET BETTER,MOM! :( ♥ ♥ ♥ I just want to be ok momm... ♥

  • I+%E2%99%A5+GAGA
    I ♥ GAGA

    THIS IS MY GET WELL GAGA VIDEO ----------------->

  • Sam+Redgrove
    Sam Redgrove


  • Malika+Amani
    Malika Amani

    Exactly!!!! GaGa's health, well being, happiness is the number one most important thing.... Praying soo much for Her I know She will have a perfect recovery!!! I just pray She is NOT so hard on Herself.... She is Our Treasure! Truly.... She gives Herself totally for Us But She has to take care of Herself too... She has to listen to Her body.... Love Her Beyond WORDS :'( ♥

  • Andrew

    I think Gaga needs a year break. She hasn't stopped since 2009, she's doing 6 shows a week, and here are 'Fans' begging for ARTPOP. They're fake Monsters and they need to get a life.

  • CuddleGaga

    Little Monsters let's pray for our queen i and we i know just want her to be better so please pray for her ...

  • Prince+of+Love
    Prince of Love

    This is not for Gaga... this is for Stefani, before the great artist that you are, you are a woman, do not worry about the draft, do not worry about the shows, do not worry about anything, only worry for you, for your health, for your welfare. GAGA WHAT WOULD MAKE US VERY HAPPY NOW, IS THAT YOU ONLY WORRY FOR YOU... MÉXICO PRAY FOR YOU. EVERYBODY PRAY FOR YOU. EVERYBODY WANTS THAT YOU BE COOL.

  • Nicole

    please, could you like my post? i never do this, but i need your support monster, thank u. I WANT EXPRESS THIS , PRAY FOR GAGA

  • Christine+Aguilar+de+Leon

    devastated when I heard the news...And feel sorry when the live nation tweeted that she was the last one to know that the BTW ball is cancelled...Let's pray for her..

  • Tammy+Williams
    Tammy Williams

    I don't think it neccasry to say all that cause its gaga's hard work. You could've just said "i just hope she gets well." Which of course YES don't worry about them now but you don't have to say fuck them cause its gaga's hard work. Get well gaga(:

  • MeganAK94

    Fuck Synovitis, i love gaga and want her to rest as much as possible but i dont know what ill do if i cant see her in Tampa ive been waiting for this for almost a year or 2 now since the last show in 2010, if the entire tour is canceled I hope she takes as much time off that she needs to recover then return to all the places she didnt get to in time to finish up the tour like a warrior queen!

  • Ana+Jones
    Ana Jones

    She has to know that we are all worried for her, and she must not feel guilty for cancelling her shows, GAGA TAKE CARE OF U

  • Candy+Warhol
    Candy Warhol

    FUCK IT ALL!!! GAGA please recover and stay strong. we love you so much and just want you to be in the best condition you can be in. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. We love you!

  • Emma+%E2%9C%9D
    Emma ✝


  • 3252345453tvgqgbw45b+yw

    thats the spirit LOL

  • Lizzy+Holly
    Lizzy Holly


  • The_Unicorn_boy

    it nothing else i can say eh eh

  • Dorothy+Li%E2%80%A0t%E2%84%93%E2%84%AF+%E2%84%B3%E2%84%B4ns%E2%80%A0%E2%84%AFr

    she'll be ok! SHE WILL!

  • Son+of+Aphrodite
    Son of Aphrodite

    ! Together against haters ♥

  • BTW-BALL+forever+%3A%29
    BTW-BALL forever :)

    1 week ago : " Gaga, we need a DVD special " "Gaga, please tell us the ARTPOP release date"

  • %E9%BB%83%E4%BA%8E%E8%BB%92

    That's right!!!!!!!!!!!!i want nothing but gaga getting better;)

  • 00

    All I want is Gaga healthy

  • Vasilijana

    So fucking true!! We need Gaga to see this!

  • Adrian+Monster
    Adrian Monster


  • Yeray+Detodalavida
    Yeray Detodalavida


  • Kanokploy+Phetpakdee
    Kanokploy Phetpakdee

    Get Well Soon

  • littlemonsterirene

    so tru

  • Armando+Jos%C3%A9
    Armando José

    awwww<3 This exactly how I fell right now:(