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  • David+Luke+Garcia
    David Luke Garcia

    "So I put my hands up they're playing my song and the butterflies fly away!!"

  • Meh+Mah+Muh
    Meh Mah Muh

    What happend? I hope it's nothing serious...

    • Jess+Collins
      Jess Collins

      She's been diagnosed with synovitis - it's inflammation of the joints and she can't move very well!<3 She's going to get better soon <3

    • Toxicwarbringer

      @Jess Collins: its interesting cuz i've seen some interviews were people who worked with Gaga on the road said her work habits are unhealthy as fuck, like lack of sleep and such, she's a fucking badass for working so damn hard, now it's time for her to take it easy even after the tour is done

    • Jess+Collins
      Jess Collins

      @Toxicwarbringer: I know! In a way I'm kinda glad this happened to her, cuz now she HAS to sit down and actually rest for a while! It must be hard for her though; she works on an album, has almost 2 years worth of tours all the while trying to make a new album and all us monsters are demanding it early so she has to work even harder! She really just needs to sit the fuck down and relax <3

  • Cornel

    problem with joints, she cant move

  • kisser+monster
    kisser monster

    is something serious?!?!? I get in and I see milions of PRAY FOR GAGA....I'm so worried...

  • Paola


  • Daniell+Koons
    Daniell Koons

    yes,pray for gaga

  • Jason

    nice work

  • Matthias+D%27hondt
    Matthias D'hondt

    I know she can fight and she will do it tonight, and every single day, because she was born this way...