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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • Marla+Weinhoff
    Marla Weinhoff

    I like very very much!!! thank you!!!

  • Alli+Vanes
    Alli Vanes

    I tried uploading a higher quality image but the site keeps editing the pink and distorting the image slightly. :s

    • Sarah+Carolann+McCleskey

      This is just another outstanding work of art submission in a new found tech method! I love it! You stated the distortion element. However, I think that it added a softness to the piece. The color pink look flawless! Very appropriate in the bare flesh look. I can imagine all the time that it took to "draw" it! It has proved that you are quite talented artist. This is a unique pie e and media! You are very successful artist! Who cares the media! I love your work & the text! The meaning of it is so important to me! Love ya my monster friend. Big ("")("")s up to all your well deserved kudos on that time utilized to produce something so u inquest! Do another as time allows. We need to be closed to all types of art works, photos, etc.!

    • Alli+Vanes
      Alli Vanes

      @Sarah Carolann McCleskey: This is one of the greatest comments anyone has ever said about my work! I cannot thank you enough, I really do appreciate every word and I'm grateful there are monsters like you on this site! :D

  • Rock+Monster
    Rock Monster


  • Marina

    Your artworks are so amazing!!! I love your style, keep it up! :)