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  • stefgermgaga

    I love this amen

  • Joshiee+Piper
    Joshiee Piper

    A fucking men. Very well said gaga

  • Brian+Wright
    Brian Wright


  • Angel+Urrutia
    Angel Urrutia

    OMGAGA!! I couldn't be more proud of you Mother Monster!! Felicidades! :)' #proudtobeamonster #OMGAGA #proudofmothermonster

  • camillebache

    It's a brave thing to do. :)

  • she+%E2%80%A0he+Rebellious
    she †he Rebellious

    you are Goddess of Love ..and this letter is amazing. :)

  • ladygagarobert

    OMG! LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU GAGA♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Colin+S.+Murchie
    Colin S. Murchie

    I've said the very same thing about that show, it's vile as is Joan RIvers. I used to quite like her until she appeared to turn into a nasty bitch.

  • JanaUniMonster

    I believe in this message and am so happy that 2009 I saw you and understood how good you are! <3 still proud to be one of your supporter in our "fight" for a braver, kinder and artistic world!!! <3 :)

  • hostels247

    well said

  • SarahMonster+Jr.
    SarahMonster Jr.

    Praise the Mother..!! ;)

  • %E2%99%94+Michelle+%E2%99%94
    ♔ Michelle ♔

    I love it .. @ladygaga God bless you love you ♡

  • Emily+Germano%E2%80%A0%E2%80%A0a
    Emily Germano††a

    *-* i Love this.... I Love you Mother Monster :')

  • Christopher+Uhrig
    Christopher Uhrig

    Why did I wait this long to read it??? #bornthisway

  • Dani+Larissa
    Dani Larissa

    it's a wonderful answer!!!!

  • Lee+Littlemonster+Orton

    I'm obsessed with this letter. Perfectly worded, with shade thrown in. Tact.

  • Lianne+Michelle+Wouda
    Lianne Michelle Wouda

    I agree Gaga.

  • D%2CH

    So brilliantly written .Dislike that show for it neglects the SOUL!

  • Vincent+Luna
    Vincent Luna

    oh my god i love it O.O

  • famouuz

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Baby+Monster
    Baby Monster

    Preeeeach mother monster xxxo love you

  • aaron+cumiskey
    aaron cumiskey

    Gaga you're a hero! Seriously! I just love how you always take the highly road ! You're amazing !

  • Angelina++%E2%99%94
    Angelina ♔

    i rly wanted to cry bc Kelly and her mom were so rude...

  • Mikala+Mons%E2%80%A0er
    Mikala Mons†er

    You are so wise! You have such discernment in things. <3 in

  • Jerry+Kardashian
    Jerry Kardashian

    I always hated E! and Fashion Police, always criticising. And Gaga was right to say that because its true.

    • %F0%9F%94%B5Chris%E2%80%A0ina+Mons%E2%80%A0er%F0%9F%94%B5

      After reading this letter I immediately stopped watching Fashion Police. But before I used to love watching Fashion Police until she criticized Gaga. I didn't like it at all.

  • Asad+Aly
    Asad Aly

    "While some of my fans have learning to do, most of them share the same values as I, and it's what bonds us together. And that bond is strong."

    She knows. :')

  • Davico+Justiniano
    Davico Justiniano

    This is inspirational !!! i find so funny from kelly and her mother attack ALL littlemonsters just because some monsters said something she dislike... i have seen fashion police and is ironic because we know how kelly was before. i was fat when i was a teenager so i was bullied, but damn i dont bully fat ppl. is so stupid how ppl forget the past. everyone must live happy in their way... thanks Gaga for be courage and brave to say the truth!! thats why I become a little monster... for a better world ! <3 paws up !! (''') ^_^'

  • Judas+Jeni
    Judas Jeni

    Fuckin right on Gaga!! Love you!!!

  • Li%E2%80%A0%E2%80%A0le+Mons%E2%80%A0er+Olivia++%E2%9C%9E%E2%96%BC

    Wow this gave me shivers, this message is so beautiful! I love you GaGa!!

  • Rapha

    I love it :)

  • Catwoman

    The media and many celebrities say awful things about Gaga, and she never responds. But the minute a celebrity insults her fans, she goes into Mother mode :) Good for her! Never have I witnessed an entertainer of any kind who is so in sync and in love with their fans.

  • Mario+Manson+Warhol
    Mario Manson Warhol

    You're so sweet! XoXo

  • TJ+M.
    TJ M.

    Your eloquence and ability to speak in this way is what makes you so inspirational. You definitely pointed out a serious inconsistency and contradiction in today's media. Good for you, Gaga.

    • O.R.M.


    • Rainbowgynous

      I should have read your comment before writing mine... Wrecked my brain for minutes to find the word I was looking for... But it's the second one in your reply X-D


      I'm kind of ashamed that you had to shade some Monsters by saying they're totally against what you believe in and try to teach us, but that was needed I guess. Some Monsters need to wake up and stop spreading hate.

    • Gaga%27s+eyebrows
      Gaga's eyebrows

      You're the best example for the other celebrities..I wish all be as kind as you..You'll make a revolution,Gaga <3 and i suggest open BTW Foundation branches in a few is possible?

    • muuhenrie

      Gaga sambando no recalque

    • %E2%99%88AriesMonster%E2%99%88

      I read what Kelly said some "little monsters" have been doing and while I agree with what Gaga has said here, I have personally noticed some of the hate from monsters on Twitter. Just today, Miley Cyrus posted a pic and one of the first replies was from a Gaga fan who called her an ugly ho. I wish some monsters would just shut the hell up and stop spreading hate.

    • Fanycita

      I agree with everything you say you admire a woman that you are very smart am not in favor of aggressive but I like monster sick of hearing me like artists that are dedicated to you as madonna fever to which I had enormous respect and Kelly also liked me but she is not one to be better than to criticize as iso with Christina Aguilera for her weight and then kelly offends all world and believes that this freedom to be treated as she treats everyone

    • March%E2%80%A0Monster

      @♈AriesMonster♈: I saw that too and see it A LOT on twitter. Every time another artist posts something, some of the most hateful comments are made by monsters (Gaga is their prof pic).

    • Allie

      I got teary eyed. You're truly amazing. Your way of being is just unbelievable. Thank you for representing what a human with compassion is supposed to be like. You'll always be my role model till the end. I love you so much Gaga!

    • Fanycita

      I will not allow people like kelly pests tell you and that you are a very mature woman and therefore do not fall into probocaciones but that I am to put your hands into the fire for you and what you say you are disillusioned but I'am sick of listening to many artists speak ill of you and I'm tired because I love you

  • Mark+Cruikshank
    Mark Cruikshank

    Kelly said that we were the worst fans ever and that we were really nasty. She needs to be aware that it wasnt all of us and only a very small amout of little monsters would be that nasty and the rest of us would never be so horrible to anybody.

    • %CF%81%D1%8F%CE%B9%D0%B8%C2%A2%D1%94%D1%95%D1%95+%D1%82%CF%83%D1%8F%CE%B9%CE%B1

      You are absolutely right she stereotypes is and judges us as a whole when only a few people acted up

    • GAGAHOLIC+%28%2Agagaddiction+%21%3F%29

      I don't feel concerned personaly, I know what I say and what I post. And it makes me sick to share my Gagaddiction with hater (though I don't believe we share the same things...nor they are are real Monsters)

    • Theresa+McLaren
      Theresa McLaren

      exactly 30 million fans and counting really all of us???? hmmmmmm dont think so, gotta go paparazi is playing now ahhhhh

    • Jose+Pe%C3%B1a
      Jose Peña read pleas

    • Franco

    • Riane+Germanotta

    • James+Paul
      James Paul

      Your LITTLE MONSTERS are "MINDLESS PUPPETS". You're supposed to be against bullying? Alright, good job, MAMA HILTER!!!

    • James+Paul
      James Paul


    • Theresa+McLaren
      Theresa McLaren


  • Amanda

    It´s a lovely letter Gaga. Thanks for fight for our rights and learn us to be brave. You are my inspiration. Thanks for fight for us. Thanks to you now I´m a brave girl. I love you.

    • James

      @Kelly Osbourne: Perez is of no concern.

    • Riane+Germanotta
      Riane Germanotta

      Ahaha media and celebrities can say shit about Gaga and she doesn't said anything but when someone insult little monsters...She's here!!!!!! lo ve you mommy monster, thank you so much for take care about our communauty!! and REAL MONSTERS BREED COMPASSION EVERYDAY! Real monsters doesnt insult other people

    • Riane+Germanotta

    • M

      I wrote a "Response" letter. (Its positive) If you could read it and comment your thoughts that would be great, thank you!

  • Mercy+Dee
    Mercy Dee

    I'm SO glad you've said this. This is why I love you so much. It's been frustrating to hear Kelly giving Little Monsters a bad name. It's just a small amount of people. I 100% agree with the Fashion Police comments you made too. I'm surprised Kelly is on that show, knowing what she went through when she was younger. Again, Love you <3 xx

    • Shannon

      No, those people talking shit about Kelly are giving Little Monsters a bad name. Is it wrong for Kelly to generalize? Yes, but they gave her the ammo to do that with their viciousness. That sort of behavior needs to be called out and it needs to be made known that such behavior is not welcomed in our community of Little Monsters, because that doesn't and shouldn't represent us.

    • callen1592

      @Shannon: I love what you said about the Gaga fans who "gave [Kelly] the ammo" to say what she said to/about Gaga. It's true, some Gaga fans make Gaga and her fans look like a bunch of a**holes. I've read more and more often lately about how people are being put out by Little Monsters. Gaga is correct in saying we have some learning to do. I think everyone can learn all the time about how to become a more kind and passionate person. Imagine how classy Little Monsters would look if they/we embraced every person with open arms. And not just to look classy, but if anything to be a better person. To be more like the person we are all here for in the first place. I hope this letter Gaga wrote and the publicity it's gaining will be a wake up call to all Gaga fans about what being a fan is.

    • Jose+Pe%C3%B1a
      Jose Peña

      Read please

    • midnight+rose
      midnight rose

      This all started when Kelly called gaga a but her face, suggesting that everything is good but her face, lityle monsters then defended gaga and fake little monsters turned it into a cus match! We should all learn from this including kelly as if she didnt make that comment, none of these fake fans would have any reason to do this!

  • James

    Well said, Gaga. Everyone should take from this (Monsters included)

    • Will

      it was so funny how polite she was when she was insulting her

  • Chris

    And this is exactly why you are one of the most influential people in the world. You BREED LOVE and BREED COMPASSION like no one else. I LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER!

  • Daughter+Mons%E2%80%A0er
    Daughter Mons†er

    I admire you so much. I can't help but wonder what would this world be like if many celebrities were like you too and used their power and public voices to stand up for what's going to help humanity. You're the reason many of us are happy now, are brave enough to talk back to those bullies who hurt us and stop them,. Most of us are who we are right now because of you. I, personally, can not thank you enough for how've changed my life, you've helped me a lot through hard times. I'm happy now, I'm brave, I love myself and I try to help others as much as I can. You're the perfect role model. Thank you for being who you are, and showing people it's okay to be different. I love you Gaga♥

  • Gaga%27s+eyebrows
    Gaga's eyebrows

    Gaga,you should tell monsters stop bullying on LITTLEMONSTERS>COM

  • jacob

    This is wonderful. Stand up for equality, love and acceptance. I wish everyone could see how beautiful your message really is Gaga. Thank you for everything you do and share. x

  • Daniel+Fern%C3%A1ndez
    Daniel Fernández

    Those are the most truly and sensible words I have read a long time ago. You're an example of tolerance. You are so elegant in your letters, My poor english restrict all I want to say about it, but I wish Kelly take the good way of your words. I'm so proud of you :)

  • Agnese

    This is actually very well written :) Love it. Although I do not exactly understand the whole thing with Kelly, but yeah. Thanks Gaga for reminding us once again what really matters.

  • %E2%99%88Stef%CE%94niMons%E2%80%A0erB%E2%9A%A1tch

    You have a great heart Mother,you and your foundation are saving the world...and the monsters are the prove of that!I don't hate Kelly Osbourne,I hope she will undestand what is right to do,because you girls are famous and you have a lot of power in the world.everything stars do,like the shows,the interviews,the songs,are a vehicle for those who follow them,people accept your messages because they love you,doesn't matter if are bad messages.. so GAGA you are the best example of humanity and goodness,everyone must follow you and make all good things to help people and to spread love in the world. thank you Gaga,thank you Cynthia,thanks to the Born This Way foundation,thanks to all people who works for a better world.. I love you!

  • Bea%E2%80%A0rice

    Gaga you're gonna change the world

  • Adam+Stephenson
    Adam Stephenson

    God! this was the most inspiring and most beautiful letter I have came across.

  • Daniel+Bartholomeu
    Daniel Bartholomeu

    There's no one like you, Gaga. I have no words. You are a spectacular woman, All THE APPLAUSES to you. ♥

  • Victor+Alanis
    Victor Alanis

    This is really inspirational, it has reached my heart; i truly appreciate having a celebrity like Lady Gaga in my life. Let's all put or grain of rice so we can help end bullying and for a better humanity. I am 100% with The Born This Way Foundatiion; from here till my death. Little monsters it is our time to make a change.

  • Charlotte

    You stated this excellently. I have thought of this for years when watching fashion police and just the abnormally accepted culture of taking insensitive, public jabs at celebrities, as Iif they are not people too, with real lives and flaws. Statements that you make like this are why I'm still here, cheering you on. Your unwavering positivity towards everything that crosses your path influences me to be a better person. Thank you for not just calling her out, but doing so in a respectful and highly educated manner. You give me so much optimism for the future, just from your words and actions.