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  • Shethin

    1. Decay of Diana. (Princess Die) 2. Decay Of Britney (Guggenheim) 3. Decay Of Paris (CLLG Sexual Clip) :O

  • Sinead+Mermaid
    Sinead Mermaid


    • Grumpelli+Grumpelli+Grooooooo

      make her part of the haus' analytic panel

    • Mor+%28Nurse0nTheRight%29
      Mor (Nurse0nTheRight)

      @Mandy Lana: i wouldnt say no to that ;)

    • Baba+Bomzy+Bom
      Baba Bomzy Bom

      Diz da stuff here! Good going Mor, bangin' it left and right! What I'm really waiting for is the stuff that comes after ArtPop — becoz AP turns the winds around like a foreplay, and what follows in its wake is the actually interesting stuff. Not that this isn't totally awesome as it is, but phase B is where the Bam raps the map anew. Looking forward to that stellar journey! Keep up the writings, I'm fangurling hard here. More of these!! Zombeys want moaarrrrr bra-innzzzz...

  • Mor+%28Nurse0nTheRight%29
    Mor (Nurse0nTheRight)

    read "The Fame" lyrics also. fits PERFECTLY with why she made that video

  • Connor

    YES! Thank fuck someone is thinking the same! I know what you mean! She is smart, she has it all planned out! It's exciting and is gonna show everyone that she is on fucking top! I think it would be rather funny if she faked her own death and then was like LOL HI GUYS I TRICKED YOU ALL IM ALIVE HI.

    • Alejandro+Juarez
      Alejandro Juarez

      Even though it wasn´t planned, an artist can do everything, It may be good, It may be a mistake, but it is important to define her legacy

    • Saratara

      I actually don´t think she would fake her death. She knows how some of her little monsters adore her to death. She wouldn´t play with their(our) feelings like that, imo.

  • Mor+%28Nurse0nTheRight%29
    Mor (Nurse0nTheRight)

    "when its all over, some of you will stand by me forever. but some of you will BETRAY me" the real test is THIS era, not BTW. another thing, is that Gaga is going to be 27 next year. think of the 27 club....her decay is "supposed" to start now

    • Marylin+Mons%E2%80%A0er
      Marylin Mons†er

      you're really very smart finally someone is thinking properly!

    • Debs+%7C+Gaga
      Debs | Gaga

      well i dont know about any of u but im looking forward too this and will stand by her no matter what <3

    • Sarah

      Do you think she'll like fake her own death when she's 27 lol I've always thought about this!

    • Mor+%28Nurse0nTheRight%29
      Mor (Nurse0nTheRight)

      @Sarah: mm i dont think she'll go that far, but i think she'll def try to push the boundaries as much as possible

    • Ger%E2%80%A0rud

      Very smart! Thanks for that ;) And I think you're right.

    • Ger%E2%80%A0rud

      She knows exactly where her mind is ;)

    • Charlo%E2%80%A0%E2%80%A0e+Hewi%E2%80%A0%E2%80%A0

      How many monsters do you reckon will stay forever?

    • Sarah+Carolann+McCleskey

      Lady Gaga is highly intelligent, iconic mega-talented global celebrity. I have really studied her lyrics that are multi-layered of her thoughts&feelings. They all do have a connection with her life experiences that what makes her genius&difficlut 4 nor,al people to understand.Fans listen2 her music&get it. However. She loves fun&suprises too.i really do hope 2God that she isn't a member of 27 club. I know them all RIP.I think she will B here 4us longer.She wants 2 awareness of anti-bullying 2 much,etc.She wants 2live. God I hope so as we need her! Just my opinion, thx!

  • Adam


  • Damon+Dailly
    Damon Dailly

    You would think that all of us would be able to work this out by now, SHE IS A PERFORMANCE ARTIST.

  • Rainbowgynous

    THAT would be beyond awesome, sure hope you're right, cause I gotta admit I'm kinda worried about the 27 club... But mommy's strong and smart so... I hope and pray and think you're right!

  • hausofnicholas

    Or maybe you just need to chill's like 15 seconds long.

  • Archihall

    with all my respect, it's illusion

  • LordLittleMons%E2%80%A0er

    You're very smart! Amen, thank you!


    Seems legit.

  • Thomas+Iknoyan
    Thomas Iknoyan

    Omg, your post completely changed my entire vision of the FAME era, I thought it was real that she smokes weed on stage etc. But now I'm so happy to read this ! Thank you, I'll share this on Facebook :)

  • Eyka

    Omg Nurse On The RIGHT, you're so RIGHT. And you're always on the RIGHT track! Thank you for figuring everything out! :) Genius!

  • Just+a+girl.
    Just a girl.

    Shes probaly reading this thinking 'that smart bitch just ruined all my plans.' ha. I have a strong feeling there was more meanings but I didnt know how to make it click. Thank you <3

  • Wendy+%E2%80%A0
    Wendy †

    u r 1 of the smartest little monsters i know! ure a genius! we definately have to get gaga to see this. I'm tweeting this on twitter right now!

  • Payal+Kumar
    Payal Kumar

    Omg. I love this, and I love you for this. It's amazing and I can't believe it didn't click earlier. What I want more than anything though, if for Gaga to read this, just so she knows how smart you are :) And even if you were to be wrong, it still wouldn't take away from how genius this paragraph is (although I really hope you're right :)

  • Lucas

    No you are overthinking. ARTPOP is about doing whatever the fuck you want to do because you can. Limitless possibilities, no boundaries pushing you any direction by anything. She is not showing us the "decay" she is showing us exactly who she is.

  • Ha%C3%BCs+of+L%C3%BCcy+%E2%80%A0
    Haüs of Lücy †

    OHMYGOD. YOU ARE JUST SO SMART. If this wasnt her plan, I think she will read this + pretend it was her plan all along :)

  • gagasperfektluv

    GOD! Finally someone is also making sense! I agree as well! This is her *decaying* era! Wish people would get this as well!

  • ArtLoop

    But I don't understand why would she want media to see her decay ? To do what after ?She is a genius artist but I don't get that part

    • Alejandro+Juarez
      Alejandro Juarez

      We don´t need to understand what artists think or feel, they just express their hearts out

    • Pedro+Marinho
      Pedro Marinho

      "Princess Die, we wanna watch her cry, Princess die". The MEDIA WANTS her to decay. And she'll play along with that.

  • Ally

    Hmm, but we also shouldnt jump to conclusions too quickly. She is an artist and will explain things to us eventualy

  • Debs+%7C+Gaga
    Debs | Gaga

    i thought everyonev knew this?, but thanks for posting this hopefully ppl will shut up about calling her a slut etc

  • Joshua+Lewis+Derricott


  • Lewis+Lambert
    Lewis Lambert

  • Corinne

    As Gaga said " You are very smart, my darling" :)

  • Fernando+Loza
    Fernando Loza

    this is so deep, if this isnt true, u have gave gaga an explanation adn a meaning

  • lilMonsterP_U

    the tattoo was for terry though

  • Grampamonster

    and i hate ghetto glam and i dont care i she ,you ,or anyone, hates me for my opinion . def jam droped her and i dont like her act!!!

  • Pedro+Marinho
    Pedro Marinho

    Being a Little monster will be harder than ever, things will happen and we'll get through all kinds of bullshit. But stay strong, she knows exactly what she's doing. Keep calm, little monsters. We'll watch Princess High Decay.

  • Saratara

    That could be it. But she also shaved her head for Terry (his mom died from cancer days before she did the performance, remember her Tweet?). She is more than 1 dimensional. But didn´t she give everyone the decay or death of the superstar at her mtv vmas performance? Or do you think she wants to dig deeper into it? I personally think she might just show us now everything she is, she kind of used to really controll everything and not share to many personal informations. But I don´t get her "Women aren´t meat" piece on the BTWB since she was allways sexualising herself. And especially this video is a total contradiction to that. Or maybe that video was a mockery and she is pulling our legs? Just like Joaqine Phoenix did with his "rapping career". Who knows...

  • Andrea+Daisy+Plucker
    Andrea Daisy Plucker

    It all started with Paparazzi - the decay of the artist - the death which everybody wants to see! But we won't give them what they want, we give them what they deserve - can't wait for that*paws*

  • boubou+

    you know this actually makes sense and i donno remember the post that said time to be brave when she got her brown hair i donno maybe besides....... sneaky gaga ._.

  • Tony

    Makes sense, but lets hope she doesn't get lost in the decay. Some get lost and they never get to come back. ""when" pop sucks the tits of Art."

  • 00

    She loves pissing off and playing with the media :) And yes she planned out her entire career, like she has been putting in her previous artwork some clues about whats next since the beggining

  • Jorge

    GAGAS LIFE 24/7 IS A PERFORMANCE...thats what she said. everything you said. ^^^^^^in your post and everything GAGAS doing now this sec is a PERFORMANCE its all a PERFORMANCE....and thats why it's ART. making the media think she is decaying = ART (PERFORMANCE). Doing it all using = POP CULTURE .....ARTPOP!!!!!!............or am i just going crazy. :P

  • Jorge

    yes im not the only one who thinks this...yay!! makes a lot of sense, also her fashion has gotten a bit more conservative. i think that also has to do with the "decay".

  • Jackie+Powell
    Jackie Powell

    You are brilliant! I should have thought of this myself! Huzzah! This is the agruement I will pose when people say that GAGA is decaying! Brilliant analysis!


    Love this! I have been getting annoyed with Gaga because her fame is slowly going away... Yes the press and media are still all over her but as of right now pretty much the only people listening to her music are little monsters! I hope she doesn't take things too far though one wrong move and she can be over

  • %E2%80%A0anner+Ravish
    †anner Ravish

    I'm always excited to see what Gaga does and I never judge her for what she does...however, I want ARTPOP NOW!!!! It's going to be the greatest album ever! Bitch, don't kill her vibe!

  • MeganAK94

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt have said it better!!!

  • sailhatan666

    um i really doubt there is meaning in cake you guys are ridiculous. Its a fun thing she did and the video is sexual because its a rap. Rap videos are always extremely sexual

  • tracey+bower
    tracey bower

    I am totally with you on this one and have been saying for months that it's all ok and will be part of a bigger picture as she only ever shows us what she wants us to see. I FREAKING LOVE THIS WOMAN for keeping me on my toes. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Mor (''')(''') <3

  • Roe+%E2%80%A0+Gaga
    Roe † Gaga

    Agreed 100% Gaga wants to take Pop Performance Art to the extreme. She's smart as a fox and that's why I love her. Provacative to the Max=ARTPOP era Gaga.

  • Nick+Coyle
    Nick Coyle

    So do you think this hole album is going to be this just an jester of her decay? Cause that's very smart and makes me respect her even more but I've been waiting for this album (still am) for a very long time and I'd hope it's not just to show her decay, and it actually is a good album like the others cause knowing gaga we'll be waiting awhile for another one after this..

  • SAK

    then why would she say that she is gonna be with us for the next 30 years!! and in that old interview (60 minutes it was I guess) she said ppl want to see stars decaying but she won't go anywhere maybe she is portraying that and that might be the next era's theme! but she would never let us down! you were right about the "let her have fun" yes we need to let her be she's happy , she makes us happy too and she knows how many people look up to her she set an example to us she will never let us down! I don't need anymore test I'm a monster for life I trust Gaga and will follow her till the end of time! I love ur point of view Mor you're a grown up with some brains I like that! kisses

    • Mor+%28Nurse0nTheRight%29
      Mor (Nurse0nTheRight)

      thanks! and by no means did i mean to say that she's going anywhere, the decay of the artist is just going to be the theme for the next era

  • Sarah+Carolann+McCleskey

    Yes, she is extremely intelligent,megatalented,futuristic,iconic global celebrity who loves surprises&fun.She did read&post after the LM Cannabis night of Rants/Raves etc.I really have studied her lyrics that are multilayered in her thoughts&feelings or represent society's inflexibility re bullying, btw,equality 4all,respect,etc.I think that day of Cannabis multiple posts,she had epiphany.Wake up call from us.I believe that she'll B here >27.She has much 2 complete.God, I hope so.

    • Sarah+Carolann+McCleskey

      She post per MM posted this in re to that she can take care of herself. Not to be concerned. Posted about 1 week or so ago. I'm not actually quoting her. Just summarizing. She sounded sad, but she has been on grueling tour,Sandy devastation of her home,it's killer traveling different time zones, 2 grandparents in hospital, etc. She IS a survivor who may go to edge but I believe in her staying with us! My opinion.

  • Kiki

    I think you are 100% right. The decay of the popstar timed with the release of coincidence, lol. enjoyed reading your post;)

  • suckmyARTPOP

    oh my actual god this is pure genius! You are so smart to figure this out! I totally agree though, I wish people would stop slating her for this video. shes allowed to have fun too! <3

  • Serg+Seropian
    Serg Seropian

    I've been thinking about this "decay of an artist" thing and it sure makes more and more sense. As you said, you might be wrong but it's an interesting way to look at it. And I've always felt like Gaga is 10 steps further than anyone, she knows what she's doing. She is a pure genius, walking art.