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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • MicKey

    RATCHET Earrings ;) <3

    • Duds

      Beyonce also took a picture with a RATCHET'S EARRINGS. is it a sign?

  • Xime+Lozano
    Xime Lozano

    what happened to ARTPOP's tatoo ?¡ does it moves ?¿

  • yayo+v
    yayo v


  • Marnie

    'the queen has all the responsibilites but the princess gets to go to all the parties and get high'- manchester btw ball!!

  • %E2%80%A0Jane%E2%80%A0

    u got swag baby hahaha

  • -Charly+Ziock-
    -Charly Ziock-

    RATCHET *w*

  • Bryan%E2%80%A0

    Like, if you want a hugh from mother mons†er <3

  • Kiki

    Plus, the PRINCESS always gets her PRINCE ;)

  • Ali+AlMuhairi
    Ali AlMuhairi

    jo calderone!

  • paoland

    you look very "Italian" :) <3

  • Sam+Griffin
    Sam Griffin

    you are such a diva :)

  • Harley+Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    A princess is just the pawn of the king. The queen rules by his side.

  • melis

    JO EYES <3

    • Virginia+Monster
      Virginia Monster

      Princesses are wild, young, free and beautiful! Who doesn't wanna be one? ;) Gaga, this is for you <3


    all I see is Jo with a female princess earring

  • carlota

    gagga babe please come to portugal? if u only knew how much we need u here ;(

    • Marine+DS
      Marine DS

      Yes to Portugal you ll see people are great and the country is awesome and I haven t mentionned the food ! My parents and all my family are portuguese and I use to go on holidays to Portugal :) E Meu pais de coracao

  • LittleGypsyPrincess

    you look like FRIDA KHALO :O <3 <3 <3 <3

  • sarah

    what is written on your earrings????

  • Mike+Monster
    Mike Monster

    In this picture...i see JO CALDERONE.

  • Ratchet

    gorl, trim dem eyebrowz.

  • Yuri+Camargo
    Yuri Camargo

    Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda

  • Whitney

    I freaking LOVE you. the caption.... gave me the chills all over. I want to be just like you and make a difference and yet still be able to be a damn kid at the same time. it makes me smile everyday to see you and know I can one day be as brave as you.

  • Rashad+Gray
    Rashad Gray

    you are the princess, you are the queen, you are the goddess, You Are Everything!!!!!!!!!! Mother Monster rules!!!

  • %2A%2A%2A%2A

    you seriously have an obsession. not only a madonna one but now also an obsession with her daughter. go check yourself because this isn't healthy anymore.

  • Sophie

    i don’t know why but i think its kinda funny that you now have the word ARTPOP written on your arm like forever :D

  • Rana+flier
    Rana flier

    gaga u are amazing i lovee uuu prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ladyyy

  • Miss+SeQuin+Vanity
    Miss SeQuin Vanity

    Mother's beautiful in her way cause god made no mistake she's on the right track baby she was born that way :) <3 x

  • Paulo+Ma%E2%80%A0eus
    Paulo Ma†eus

    Gaga, please help me! the Born this way ball will be here in brazil but i live far from the show and i got no money! PPLEASE HELP ME!!!! I LOVE U!

  • Stephanie+Monster
    Stephanie Monster

    Princess high is just a character, for the era Artpop, you dont smoke weed and Tara does a amazing job to turn you high. So you use that, cause your monsters can not stop to call you " Princess Canabis" or "Princess high" and you love it !

  • Girl+%E2%99%A6+mons%E2%80%A0er
    Girl ♦ mons†er


  • Andr%C3%A9s

    Welcome to Costa Rica @ladygaga I would love to go to the concert but could not buy a ticket but luck and that everything will go well =*

  • Jon+Y.+Laur
    Jon Y. Laur

    Oh, Steff is so blessed. Anointed of God YESHUA, YHWH! We love so much your spirit, your life, body and soul.

  • Kevin+Putnam
    Kevin Putnam

    Whether you're a Queen,a Princess or a bar wench;) you are,and shall always be,the Heart & Soul of every Little Monster!!! Do you really know how much you mean to those of us that love you? I have never met you,nor will I probably ever get the chance to do so,but you have always been a part of me! I know it sounds f**kin'crazy huh?Well maybe it is,but you will forever be precious!!Love You!!PAWS UP!!Toke 1 up for me;)

  • CarlosUnbound

    nice hoops! The queen can have as much fun as any princess, and she answers to no one. Be whatever royalty you want to be. Contessa Gaga has a nice ring to it. :)


    Accuser and provocateur Perez Hilton (Perez Hilton) continues to show its ugly attitude to pop queen Lady Gaga. After "flirting" with Madonna (Madonna) and a history with fur, he did not stop and went into active offensive. Perez blamed the singer in that it achieved a record result of sales of the album "Born This Way" in the first weeks after the release only because it gave almost nothing: "The great result! And she did not have to sell the album for 99 cents of Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) the highest selling album in the first week since 2002! " Moreover, according to several sources, it was reported that Perez published two more tweets related to Monster Mom, "Your Mama Monster is not as precious as you think. Soon I'll tell you about it," "You know how it is disgusting December 25, 2012. At Christmas little creatures will receive a gift, which will never forget. " Portal "Celeb Daily News" made the assumption that Perez went on about Madonna, that could promise him something in return for his statement and dirty "surprises" for the main rival aging performer. However, at the Hilton for a long time there was not the best because of its reputation in the view of impermanence. He once called the Queen Gaga, now joined kagorte those who can humiliate and insult her, despite her talent, perseverance, and even just the real and genuine human qualities. A real man would never have allowed himself to such actions.,,,,,,,,,.....


    In little monsters more and more often concern health Mama Monster and the fact that she openly about his addiction to marijuana. Whether connected to one another, hard to say. Lady Gaga's busy touring schedule, she completely given stage, and we must understand that it takes her a lot of strength and health. That is the most outrageous performer today is not against the "score bong", has been known for a long time. Even since the beginning, Star Trek, Stefanie (Stefanie) was inclined to use drugs, to "push the boundaries of consciousness." Over time, the singer regretted that she had once so doing. However, work on the album "Born This Way", a gifted singer did not refuse with their producers a little "fun" to smoke marijuana. A lot of big-name artists resorted to dragging from mild to severe drugs. The reasons for this can argue for a long time, but there is no doubt that this method of "hanging out" helped them to record the real world hits. And Lady Gaga - is no exception. As we approach the era of "ARTPOP" young talent not only does not hide, but clearly demonstrates that smoking marijuana. Is that so bad? Be aware that Mama Monster can be called a happy man. It reached great success in the world of pop culture, every day it makes happy loved one, relatives, friends, and well, of course, the fans adored her Little monsters. Therefore, it is easy enthusiasm should be considered as a way of relaxation. Gaga - the rational and mature person, she never would go the way of glory, too fascinated by drugs and alcohol. Stephanie is so devoted to creativity, scene creation, that it does not allow itself to change for the small stuff. Mama Monster - a strong person. Every day, she takes inspiration from his fans, who do not think it teaches consumer categories, and create. Gaga teaches his fans to be a creator, creators, "homo creator". Idol little monster fighting for the right to be yourself, for believing in yourself every man, regardless of his physical appearance, gender, religion, sexual preference. We wish our Mother Monster prosperity, health and strength! Let her be happy! Lady Gaga needs to know that we love her for who she is. It is not ideal. Like any other person, it may be wrong. For example, "to go beyond consciousness," smoking marijuana. But most importantly for us, it always be for her encouragement and support, because we love her little monsters, those for which it creates.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Robert+Gonz%C3%A1lez
    Robert González

    OMG I LOVE THIS. Ghetto women in PR use those earrings and you did it too while in Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico was consuming your soul hahahah I LOVE IT <3

  • Anthony+P
    Anthony P

    omg does that earring say "RATCHET"? it looks like it starts with an R and it looks like an T in the middle so....

  • Michael+Mons%E2%80%A0er
    Michael Mons†er

    Your daughter would be the cutest ever ❤

  • BiggestLittleMonsterZoe

    Gold earrings like Lady Gaga, Spending money like Lady Gaga , PRINCESS LIKE LADY GAGA !!! Another amazing photooooo !! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :* :*

  • brolyskins


  • Radio+Gaga+Radio+Googoo

    hahaha I LOVE THIS! 1st, she looks like such a little boriqua. i love seeing how she changes according to where she is at the moment, her fans really do inspire her. 2nd, love the caption! reminds me of "i'm rich, i'm blonde, and a little bit of a bitch" hahaha

  • Jack+Harrison
    Jack Harrison

    i was wondering who i thought gaga looked like in this then realised it was Jo Calderone lol

  • Luka+Luki
    Luka Luki

    beautiful!! <3 :) :*

  • jadeARTPOP

    you said at the manchester born this way ball 'besides the princess gets to have more fun she gets to go to all the partys and get high <3

  • %40thexqueenxcunt

    You know... I wonder how Gaga lives with the fact that she is the most beautiful and perfect human being alive.. I wouldn't be able to do it... She was born this way though ;)

  • paoland

    This photo must have been taken after you've gone to the beach, buecause you're tanned :) beautiful queen! <3

  • Andreea+

    Yeah Gaga.That's the reason why i say I'm princess not a queen .You got it bitch! Paws Up!

  • HeffyD

    Too true. Queens are too bitter jealous off with her head types. While princess said screw the system, escaped from their "prison" and got a tall hot mr. handsome in their lives. Pop me on a magic carpet or turn my tail into toes any day. Be a 21st century power princess. <3

  • Alicia+%E2%80%A0+Monster+%E2%80%A0

    Gaga has been hanging around Tara for to long..the ghetto side of her is coming out!! Love it<3

  • Mis%E2%80%A0er+GaGa
    Mis†er GaGa

    I'm sooo in love with you and I have a secret relationship with you that is soooo secret, that even you don't know me ! xx