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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • Susanna+Miller
    Susanna Miller

    This is still a beautiful picture.

  • Kiki

    Congrats Gaga! Keep imagining. Look at the difference you have made in so many lives already. Theres alot of LOVE in that photo and it just reflects all the love you give every day. <3

    • Guille+Gonz%C3%A1lez
      Guille González

      All this shows how much we grew up in the past 5 years, not just individually, I mean like a community. We feel happy together, we get excited together, we are brave together, we share emotions, we were born this way. This is the real meaning of BORN THIS WAY, being who we really are, and being where we belong. We all belong here, and we belong together. Paws Up until I die

    • Virginia+Monster
      Virginia Monster

      I'm gonna start crying over this photo. You three are so perfect, I love you all so much <3 Gaga, you deserve the prize so much, THANK YOU for everything you've done. This picture is perfection. Tara and Freddy look GORGEOUS too omg <3

    • Kiki

      @Guille González: nicely said:)

  • Gaga%27s+Unicorn
    Gaga's Unicorn

    You deserve the best in life Gaga!!! Im so happy for u

  • Lopa

    THIS IS INFINITELY CUTE! You all look lovely<3 Congrats on your prize gaga, you deserve it so much!

  • Tatiana

    You've changed so many peoples lives at such a young age, and saved millions of troubled people in the span of 4 years. You deserve this more than anyone on this planet. You're like an amazing peace angle who has touched everyones heart. We're all so proud of you. You're the greatest we couldn't thank you enough of all you've done <3 Love you Gaga

  • Lady+Bug
    Lady Bug

    gaga you are more than a pop star have revolutionary power!!!! you have made my life better and the lives of other people better. You have shown us to be kind and fearless and that we can make a difference in the world even if we dont fit or conform for societies norm. We love you!!!!!

  • sarah

    The DREAM TEAM!!! Congrats Gaga, and of course Tara and Freddi. I love your expressions here. Tara and Freddi, It is through your brilliant work with Gaga that she has the courage and motivation to do what she was born to do. This is another small step in changing the world! Love you three so much. So proud!!! <3 <3 <3

  • BiggestLittleMonsterZoe

    You desreve it !! and you desreve the best in the world !! You desreve so much respect because without you so many people would have been different , sad , depressed and even dead ... you desreve a loooot more !! you are so humble and you desrve soooo much !! keep on being yourself because you are nice,kind,pretty,creative,inspirational just PERFECT !! when i see this photo i am almost crying , with or without this picture i am sooooo proud of being a little monster !! i am sooo proud and happy for you !!! Paws up !! Love you mommy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Raul+Rangel
    Raul Rangel

    We're all so proud of you. :)

  • Mar+Cardoso.
    Mar Cardoso.

    This is for the people who said Gaga wasn't good enough, or who said the little monters were stupid because Gaga is their inspiration. GET REAL. She is the best human being, the deserve the best, she is beautiful and very powerfull and not only with her voice but with her soul too. I LOVE YOU GAGA, LITTLE MONSTERS ARE PROUD OF YOOOOU <3

  • Paula

    Gaga,. we're sooo proud of you! you deserve it babydoll. And you looked beautiful!

  • Ida

    That's so cool !

  • Diana

    i'm crying right proud of you!

  • Sarah+Monster+Reinhardt

    aww happy tears??? :) <3

  • Sophie

    your just such an inspirational person <3

  • Black+GAGA
    Black GAGA

    PRINCESS CRY <3 <3

  • Rafael+Braga
    Rafael Braga

    Don't Cry Mom! <3

  • Guillaume+%E2%80%A0
    Guillaume †

    You deserve this prize. You are the best. You have chage the life of a millions persons. You're born this way ! <3

  • %E2%80%A0Georgia%E2%80%A0

    Awww Gaga looks like she is crying! Gaga this award is for you. Today is a memorable day. Spread the peace BABY <3

  • Gabr%C3%ADel+%C3%81g%C3%BAst
    Gabríel Ágúst

    You deserve it :* <3

  • Katrina


  • x

    You deserve it Gaga! It shows how much you really care.

  • Anthony+Anderson
    Anthony Anderson

    just wait until you and T tie the knot!!

  • %E2%80%A0Milly%E2%80%A0Gaga%E2%80%A0

    Ohh Gaga don't cry! I love you so much Gaga!! ♥

  • Tanweer+Edwards
    Tanweer Edwards


  • Miguel

    Gaga crying makes me cry.

  • I++%E2%99%A5+gaga+to+the+moon+and+back

    Gaga crying.. I know her face when she start cry.. Congrats Hny ... BALKAN LOVES U <3

  • StrongforGaga.

    Dont cry my princess.

  • Woofie

    I feel the love.

  • Sara+Hamstig
    Sara Hamstig

    Im so happy for u <3 We love you ! <3 don't cry !

  • Christina+Dedic
    Christina Dedic

    You're almost crying ;')

  • Noora+Monster
    Noora Monster

    awww honey, don't cry!!<3

  • Gaga%27s+Unicorn
    Gaga's Unicorn

    Aww dont cry Gaga

  • %C3%9Arsulagaga+Aguilera
    Úrsulagaga Aguilera

    I love you! Don't cry baby!

  • Stefani+Venessa+Light
    Stefani Venessa Light

    Well done sweetie. You deserve that prize. xxx

  • Rowan+Middleton
    Rowan Middleton

    It makes me so happy that she is happy. This photo really describes the emotion and gratefulness of so many successful, hardworking years she has put in! If anyone deserves it, it's her. We love you Gaga! <3

  • Baba+Bomzy+Bom
    Baba Bomzy Bom

    It certainly looks like a day you were most fulfilled, of any photos I've seen to date. Tears of compassion clear the soul with rays of heaven, that's beautiful. Frankly, while I've always had a fair level of interest in your many-faceted productions (as I track the attractors in this world; my thing), this picture piqued my interest like no other. Because I reckon that we see the heart of Angelina blooming here, much more than in any famous show of flare and perfume ever. I hope and wish with all I see that you will have a journey free of aversity over the coming year; the world could sure use the next installment sooner than later, if the pattern of your timeline so far is anything to go by... I see all the right signs in the display; and I pray that you will find the freedom to express it all. Please be well and don't puke too much; there's always that spade-head resistance to box with, no can do without in this day and age... Don't let it get to you; I'm sure you won't! •:)

  • Carlotta+Fabris
    Carlotta Fabris

    You really deserve it Gaga! You did so much for us and for the whole world with your music, soul and ideas! I'm proud of you!!!

  • Pablo+T
    Pablo T

    ♥You deserve it, you deserve this and much more, because you are a unique artist who always gives everything for others that is why you inspire me so much, because you are the love that goes beyond words, that dream that grows high and deep again. I love so much!!

  • Ruben+Saul
    Ruben Saul

    i like this picture so much i get teary eyes, and my nose starts sniffing.. oowww... rapidly gone from here.. lol... ;) thanx for sharing.

  • Salima

    This photo is so beautiful and moving. We all love you so much, and we will always stand by your side, the peace, love and tolerance side. <3

  • %E2%9C%AA+GypsyLife
    ✪ GypsyLife

    I'm Proud, proud, proud!!! I love you and I will love you forever!!!! Thanks for all the good things that you did!!

  • Eden+Castellane%E2%9C%9Da
    Eden Castellane✝a

    You were crying, aw ... you deserve so much happiness <3

  • Linda

    Give me some of your strength... I really need it...

  • Bea+Gaga+Naranjo+Wurst

    Beautiful, very beautiful Gaga!!

  • Bornthiswaypopart

    We will never forget this moment anyone know a word to describe above honored because I feel that to be a lil monster and its about time you won't this award because you work your ass off day and night and it was just a matter of time until you got credit for it :)

  • BontkaMonster

    Proud that YOU are the one person in my life who truly inspires the best in me. YOU are my world Lady gaga. <3 I love you so so much, couldn't be happier for you, this is the best :3

  • %E2%99%88+axelmons%E2%80%A0er
    ♈ axelmons†er

    Congratulations Gaga, I am so happy for you!!! YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!! What a beautiful picture, you all look so happy and lovely!!! Love you my Queen!!!

  • Angie

    What a beautiful award to receive. Dont ever forget this day! And never forget what it stands for. I am so happy for you!

  • Ale+Sparkles
    Ale Sparkles

    I'm so happy for you. Congrats, I'm very very proud of you <3 I love you with all my heart, forever <3<3<3<3 xoxoxo