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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • paula+mart%C3%ADnez+le%C3%B3n
    paula martínez león

    girl, you are gorgeous! love your self! <3 :D

  • Jo+Coelho
    Jo Coelho

    Do you remember: I'm beautiful in MY WAY, cuz God no makes mistakes? Just follow the Mother Monster's words and be happy <3

  • Sof%C3%ADa

    You're so beautiful and you have an amazing eyes!! Stay strong you are pretty. Kisses from Spain.

  • %E2%99%88Aries%E2%99%88+Mons%E2%80%A0er+Jessie

    Wow, you're gorgeous!!! I bet your smile is amazing :) Don't be ashamed of it! Love your self, and love who you are, because no one is like you, you're unique :) You were born this way, 'cuz god makes no mistakes! <3 Paws up, be happy! Btw, your eyes are very beautiful xxx

  • Edwin+Vega
    Edwin Vega

    Girl you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life, a lot of girls would kill for your eyes, your hair, your nose, your mouth, and I'm sure taht your personality is AMAZING, just a veru strong woman upload her story, just like you. Neves put your head down, you're a princees, keep your crown up! ♥ And really like you (?im not straight but I know when a girl is gougeous)

  • samsam

    Tu eres hermosa, no debes odiar una parte de tu cara, tus ojos son hermosos y son suficiente.....

  • Camila+Barbosa
    Camila Barbosa

    You are beautiful just the way you are ! Don't listen to what people say, we all have problems in our lifes, but depends on us to go ahead or give up on everything! Don't let people let you down! And again, you are beautiful, love yourself! :)

  • Simon+Langlois
    Simon Langlois

    Honestly, You'll be more aodrable with a smile on that face. :D That's it. You're already cute as you are. xx


    I'm dreaming, you look beautiful, this feature only make you prettier. Live your life as you hear it, and do not worry this difference, you are GORGEOUS! (Excuse-moi pour mon anglais.. :D) <3

  • Selma+Persson
    Selma Persson

    To be honest, I didn't even notice it on the first picture! You look really beautiful. Don't be ashamed of your cheek, you're adorable!<3

  • keinemaske

    girl have u looked at yourself? you're so pretty, u don't have to be ashamed of anything. What makes us different makes us also special. You're gorgeous, keep that in mind. Don't give anybody the power to hurt you with ur cheek thing because they don't deserve that power

  • Amy+flies+in+paradise
    Amy flies in paradise

    You're beautiful,I mean,look at that face.

  • Anna

    Honey, tell people it's the bautiful pearl inside of you - that's what I was thinking when I saw your pretty face. Don't give up, you have no idea how amazing you look - dont be mad at people asking you about it, cause they're just curious - they will not oversee your beautiful body, face, hair... and HEART!

  • Alejandro+Montes+Mu%C3%B1oz

    if u dont like that try change it in the good way (doctors, etc) if u cant aceppt it.. u r so beautiful!!! just need to be strong and brave bcause u deserve feel like that!!!

  • Mark%C3%A9ta

    Jsi krásná Lenko, máš opravdu překrásný obličej! Nemáš proč se za to stydět :) Gaga na tebe musí být děsně pyšná :) Vážím si tě už jen za tu odvahu! Přeji ti hodně štěstí! :)<3

  • Janny+Lemay-Normand
    Janny Lemay-Normand

    You are so cute ! You could be twin with my little sister ! Your eyes are wonderful ! Keep pushing yourself to see it !

  • Melanie+G%C3%BCllich
    Melanie Güllich

    Be open and tell people the truth about are such a pretty girl, no one has a problem with that and make life be funny and full of adventures....big hug

  • Janina

    you have really beautiful eyes :) people are just superficial in only looking at your cheek. wish you all my luck <3

  • Charlie+Bones
    Charlie Bones

    You're absolutely gorgeous, just be brave, be confident and if you're not just pretend to be it'll come along the way ! x

  • Ane+Dortea
    Ane Dortea

    Believe you me when I say You are soo gorgeous! Your beautiful hair, your amazing eyes, your lipsI have been looking like this since the age of 5, i learned to smile to the world and say a big fuck you to all the ignorant comments.. I am happy and amazing and noone can ruin that! Work it babe, all you need is you ♥

  • Ane+Dortea
    Ane Dortea

    Believe you me when I say your gorgeous- your beautiful eyes, yourf hair, your lips, your cheek!! I've been looking like this since I was 5, learned to smile to the world and say a big fuck u too ignorant stupid comments- i am happy and noone can ruin that!! don't limit yourself, you are all you need!

  • Tessa+Natalie
    Tessa Natalie

    Don't be sad and insecure, just be happy, because you're strong, beautiful young woman! And we all love you!

  • Aamna+Shah
    Aamna Shah

    SWEET heart ur beautiful in our VIEW AND MOST OF ALL GODS u stay happy and blessed

  • Krysta

    My love I was born with a hemangioma birthmark. My entire bottom lip and to be removed and rebulit. I understand how you feel. It is so hard to accept yourselft and how you look. I will try to help you love yourself. I think you look great! Just the way my friend stell me I look great too. Even though I don't believe them. <3 #monsterlove

  • Neige

    Ehi, baby, come on, you're beautiful, really... You're beautiful, we are here for remember this to you everyday... Love yourself and smile, smile everyday of your life!

  • mary+magdalish
    mary magdalish

    Why are you so obsessed with your looks? Forget it, life is more than fashion advertisements and red carpets. Turn off your television, stop being brainwashed that you are not measuring up to some impossible standard. Go to the library, take out some books by great writers, learn a craft like knitting, then dazzle the world with your knowledge, talent and skills. Why focus on what you can not change? Instead turn your attention to areas that you can develop into a future of infinite possibilities. The entire world is not looking at you in fear. Stop ruminating and forget about looking beautiful. I can see that you love half of yourself, and this is unacceptable as you are an entire package and you must love all of you. One more thing, love others, don't judge anyone, don't envy, trust me, that is the ugliest thing anyone can do and will lead to no good. Focus your energies on your mind not your looks. Looks fade, the soul is eternal.

  • Giulia+Angeldonis
    Giulia Angeldonis

    Do not worry about it, your beautiful eyes waxes overshadow anything is wrong with you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!* God bless you, Monster <3 C:

  • Mademoiselle+la+Marin
    Mademoiselle la Marin

    You shouldn't think about that cheek because, sincerely, to me you' are perfect, how cute you are ! Really, I love your beautiful face, and your eyes are incredible. God made no mistakes, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. <3

  • Abadd%C3%B4n

    you're so pretty! I didn't even see it in the first place! and it doesnt make you ugly or whatever if anything it makes you even more special and prett!

  • %D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B4%D1%80

    OMG! i love you!!!

    • %D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B4%D1%80

      Ты ОЧЕНЬ красивая! помни это! Люди всегда будут спрашивать...отвечай им с улыбкой! ведь ты идеальна!

    • Lenka+Bachor%C3%ADkov%C3%A1
      Lenka Bachoríková

      @Александр: Yes I will! :) I promise :)) :-* thank u so much, I love u too :D

  • Jake_Robinson

    You're gorgeous Lenka, such a beautiful face and very spectacular eyes. Your cheek is part of your beauty Lenka, part of you, of who you are. Never ever be ashamed of yourself anymore please, promised?

  • Elaine%E2%9C%96fool+%E2%80%8F
    Elaine✖fool ‏

    That is God left a token of your love, you have beautiful eyes than any other don't forget it:)

  • Sabi+Hagarova
    Sabi Hagarova

    Jej, teraz pozerám že si zo Slovenska.... Hlavu hore, si krásna :) Držím palce .. PAWS UP :)

  • LuzzGaga

    look at these amazing eyes !!! your nose, awwww so beautiful, I can't see your cheek problem.. where is it? OMG and Your Hair ! Girl, you don't have anything for what worry :) I love you

  • Sophia+%E2%99%A5
    Sophia ♥

    son't think you're not're such a beautiful little monster and I didn't see it at first,so this is not very eye-catching ;) and beauty comes from the inside so nobody's not beautiful,if he has a good heart...I hope you'll accept yourself soon because you're beautiful and you were born this way...♥

  • Ramzez+Imaginative
    Ramzez Imaginative

    That being said you are a beautiful young lady and above all you need to love yourself with your faults whatever they maybe. Doesn't mean you can't try to improve yourself along the way. We all have them and if you read magazines about fashion and watch MTV then you are being fed a unrealistic standard. When you watch athletes during any sporting events, don't you reasonably know that only the best of the best will get an olympic gold medal or a worldcup or whatever. You don't expect to be one of these athletes and use them as a standard to judge yourself by. You know that the percentage of people that can make it to that level of skill is very small. Well it is the same with models, actors and musicians. Part of their talent is based and judged (many times unfairly) on their looks. A “beautiful” person with a certain level of talent will make it while an “ugly” person with the same talent will not. So stop looking for role models because of their outside and start looking for role models for what they have inside.

  • Regina

    To me you are not just good looking, you are truly beautiful! I know what it's like to be hard on yourself, but from

  • Fani

    You should be proud to be unique meanwhile others are all the same. Be proud of yourself! :D Cuz you're beautiful. ;)

  • David+Parker
    David Parker

    you have the most amazing expressing eyes I've ever see, I wonder how can somebody notice your cheek. Chick love urself you were born this way and u rock :)

  • Olivia+Man%E2%80%A0zakos
    Olivia Man†zakos

    You're such a beautiful girl, and the things that make you different are the things that make you amazing! Just listen to our Lady and know that because you were born this way is all the more reason to be proud of our differences <3

  • Morgan+Wilby
    Morgan Wilby

    I actually think it is beautiful and that you are gorgeous. Own it grrrl : ) don't change a thing.

  • Sarah+Jayne+Byrnes
    Sarah Jayne Byrnes

    You are so gorgeous! Never ever let anyone make you feel like you are not. You were BORN THIS WAY baby <3

  • LadyStardust

    you're such a pretty girl...i love your eyes your mouth your hair...and i LOVE your cheeks cuz you were born this way :)<3

  • Starchild

    You are truly adorable and a one of a kind. Actually I would surely love to hang out with such a cutie and invite you for dinner and be supportive, if others offend you. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a recipe to lift your mood, but believe me you are an amazing woman!

  • %E2%99%88+axelmons%E2%80%A0er
    ♈ axelmons†er

    Hi Lenka please do not worry about anything, you are so pretty and beautiful!!! Millions of girls would like to be so beautiful as you are, for sure. Love Axel

  • Anna+Gordh+Humlesj%C3%B6
    Anna Gordh Humlesjö

    Baby you look so cool, the shape of youre face is unique, noone like you. But the most intense beauty lies in your courage to speak out, that love you express by sharing yourself is what you Will find strenght in. I think you have to say fuck you to Every thought in your head that puts you down. And in the same time have compassion for the pain it causes you. Hold yourself tight. Goodluck honey!!

  • Trisha+Duffy
    Trisha Duffy

    i didn't even notice it until i started reading, i was thinking "theres nothing wrong with this beautiful girl" you look no different to anyone else

  • Zach+Mousseau
    Zach Mousseau

    Just one more thing that makes YOU SPECIAL. I think you're beautiful as hell, and anyone that says different doesnt deserve you in there life. Were all here for you. Much love <3

  • Mark

    ты и так достаточно красива, чтобы переживать по этому поводу) а что врачи говорят?

    • Lenka+Bachor%C3%ADkov%C3%A1
      Lenka Bachoríková

      Doctors say, that on my face on that place where is the lymphangioma is too much nerves and if I go to operation It will can destroyes some nerves which are very important... So this isnt a good idea, but there are maybe some other ways ;) I dont know

  • Jeannette

    you're such a cute girl. i dont really see anything, because i was so fascinated of your eyes