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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

    I want to support Lady Gaga's Body Revolution because I understand.

    • LittleMe%E2%80%A0I

      You are a marvelous mother no doubt about that. Wish that mine was able to do the same and not make us live the same pain she had to deal with and live with even now. You great women! <3

    • Zak+Caddy
      Zak Caddy

      And we will support you for being so brave! X

    • %E2%80%A0+GazzaLuvsGaga+%E2%80%A0
      † GazzaLuvsGaga †


    • GM

      your beautiful! I mean it! Sending love to you! muah! <3


      You are beautiful Terisa. Congrats on your courage

    • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

      @LittleMe†I: I will be your Monster Mom! Nothing about you should be criticized, and we should start a revolution to praise one another (actually Gaga is doing it here) as often as we can, and stop the bulimia and the surgeries for boobs and tummy tucks and face lifts and injections because guess what? I've tried some of them and I still see Baby Huey. As a matter of fact, it's a true phenom that the image you are given of yourself is the image you see in the mirror forever. That's why a person who is emaciating still sees themselves as fat.

    • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

      @LittleMe†I: I hope I told you that I will be your Monster fill in Mom and encourage you for all the good that you are and we will crush out the bad!!!!

    • Gerson+Villareal
      Gerson Villareal

      hi teresa are an inspiration to me I'm too young, you're very brave to share with us your insecurities, but I think you're a beautiful woman

    • Arnold+Kracht
      Arnold Kracht

      Thank you so much elder monster! We appreciate your inspiring words <3

    • Anthony+Hathaway
      Anthony Hathaway

      Go Terisa! It's amazing what you are doing!!!! #MonstersForver!

  • Sia+Jane+Lloyd
    Sia Jane Lloyd

    Oh honey, this is so amazing that you posted this and it is also amazing that you have refused to do the same thing with your children. I am so so glad you are here. It is so inspiring <3 Stay strong <3<3

  • Taylor+Tebeau
    Taylor Tebeau

    GUURRRLLL YOU ARE FLAWLESS. I think you are an inspiration to mothers.

  • Paula+DeBolt+Corrigan
    Paula DeBolt Corrigan

    A parents words can cut so deep but i'm glad you have risen above and have a family that knows how truly beautiful you are!

  • Donna+Davis
    Donna Davis

    Your daughters are so lucky to be able to call you MOM:-)

  • Lolly

    So happy you were able to share your story ... you're amazing!

  • Harry

    you are 60!? you look amazing!!

  • Rebecca+Hearn
    Rebecca Hearn

    You sound like a wonderful mother, and you are a gorgeous lady. :)

  • Kat+Aclysmic
    Kat Aclysmic

    You are a wonderful mother and an inspiration.

  • Melissa

    You're beautiful! oddly, my moms father called her Baby Huey and if has effected my mother for 51 years. She too is learning to look in the mirror and see past the Baby Huey! I hope to look like you when I'm 60! xoxo Melissa

    • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

      Melissa, my heart breaks for your Mom. Encourage her to look in the mirror and see her best friend, to wear colors she loves, to try to embrace her beautiful self at this age. It is soooooo hard, I am so critical of myself every single day.

  • Steven+Independable
    Steven Independable

    Comments from your parents may hurt forever but you didn't do the same and that's a great lesson for you and us. Thanks for sharing and keep on spreading love.

  • Tominda+Adkins
    Tominda Adkins

    Lookin' beautiful to me! <3

  • Sophia+Monster
    Sophia Monster


  • J.+Brandon+Shepard
    J. Brandon Shepard

    Beautiful! :)

  • Morgan+Archibald
    Morgan Archibald

    You are an inspiration to mothers everywhere!

  • Elena

    I think I just cried

  • Miguel+Toscano
    Miguel Toscano

    beautifull :D and you so cute ...... i love you hair

  • Shane+Calderone
    Shane Calderone

    You is looking real good for 60! :D

  • Car+LivingTheLife
    Car LivingTheLife

    Terisa, you inspire me

  • Misha+%2B+Here+I+Am+FREE

    You are a great mom! Every kid needs a mom who understands Self-Esteem. You are Awesome taking back how you think about yourself. You are Beautiful!! And Smart!! Keep fighting the good fight!! <3

  • Tracy+Quintrell
    Tracy Quintrell

    You are cute as a button! My mom is 64 and she is a hottie too, I have to remind my guy friend's that are my age to back off! You are awesome : )

  • Zach+Mousseau
    Zach Mousseau

    You're the strongest and most powerful duck I've met, Terisa :) Just know every piece of you that you or others thing is wrong or different- is what makes you UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL. You're already a superstar in my eyes. :)

  • Sin%C3%A9ad+Flynn
    Sinéad Flynn

    I really like your clothes, your silver sandles ad you curvious in a beautiful way. Not that beauty matters, looks should not matter, actions, words and our insides should matter more. Not that your insides are bad. I really like your style and your hair. I have a loved one who is handicapped. There is nothing wrong with any handicaps at all.

  • %DB%A9Eric%DB%A9

    Keep going string Terisa. Look in the mirror everyday and blow yourself a kiss and a smile, because beautiful women deserve it. I congratulate you for not enforcing beauty stereotypes on your daughters. God Bless You and your family!

  • Madame+Curry
    Madame Curry

    Thank you for sharing the story of Baby Huey. What I see is a BEAUTIFUL, strong, and brave mother named Terisa. I am sending you a big hug and kiss<3 :)

  • Jake

    beautiful! you have a wonderful approach to your parenting, and I wish everybody was as accepting of their children as you are. <3

  • Nick+Walker
    Nick Walker

    I can already tell that you're a strong woman that has been through a lot. You're an inspiration. & you look like the most sweetest person ever! <3

  • Andie+Lynne+Pfl%C3%ABger
    Andie Lynne Pflëger

    You are so beautiful! My mother was also verbally abused. You are so strong to fight through it! Love you monster <3

  • Corinne

    Oh my gosh - I know who Baby Huey is and I'm sorry you feel that way - My father said negative things about me too. But you look fine to me - I'm 57 :)

  • Judas

    i guess i take it for granted that my mom never puts me down because of my looks.. :) trust me you are NOT a big mentally challenged duck in a diaper.

  • Adrianna+Gerena
    Adrianna Gerena

    I love ducks. Maybe you're not Baby Huey, but instead a mandarin duck. They are colorful, unique and beautiful. You're awesome.

  • Gemma+Vause
    Gemma Vause

    You are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for giving your daughters the love they deserve =)

  • Diego

    You aren't Baby Huey, the big and mentally challenged duck. You are the fucking Swan Queen!! Love yourself :) I'm sure your two girls are proud of you!

  • Amanda+D%27Orazio
    Amanda D'Orazio

    too me you look like a strong, brave, confidant BEAUTIFUL WOMAN who raised and cared for a family and helped her daughters to grow with a positive self image and that is inspiring!

  • Antonella+Sol
    Antonella Sol

    You are incredible <3! I wish my mom could see what we see....She use to call me fat and ugly,and that affected me because Im a teenager but,your words are all I need,thanks Terisa :)!

  • Lisa+Thoma+Caryl
    Lisa Thoma Caryl

    What I see when I look at you is a beautiful woman, not a mentally challenged Duck, I'm old enough to remember that Baby Huey charachter. Your father had it wrong, you are beautiful and I see intelligence in the way you carry yourself, and in your eyes. Learning to love yourself is hard, but you can do it.

  • Drea+Boatright
    Drea Boatright

    THANK YOU! for never commenting on your daughters imagine in a negative light. Something I wish of my own....

  • sheena

    Isn't there a story involving a duck and a swan? I think you've outgrown you duckieness, and you don't even know it. :)

  • Laurence

    You are so incredible and really beautiful. It's interesting (in a horrible way!) how things said to us as kids, that may have been meant as a joke or a jibe can stay with us our entire life, I know things have with me. Your daughters are very lucky to have such a brave and compassionate mother.

    • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

      You are all little children inside of those bodies that make fodder for others to judge and be unkind. We need to come out and say that we are all beautiful to one another, being gaga monsters is a huge step to give one another support and I love everyone of you kids that is struggling to belong somewhere. I wuv you!

  • Susan+Truitt
    Susan Truitt

    Gosh I remember I was 16 or 17 and loved the color purple. I must have been wearing a lot of purple shades because I remember getting ready for a date and walked into the living room and my dad said "you wear so much purple and you don't look that good in it." It completely deflated me and at 58 yrs old, I cannot wear purple without hearing that! Parents can destroy their child with one derogatory remark.

    • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

      You are so right and these kids do not even know how long a life those old tapes have! Now you need to wear purple and embrace it as your sign to yourself that you are beautiful in purple!!!

  • Allhanah+Bellacuore
    Allhanah Bellacuore

    I'm sorry you've had that tape running through your head over the years. You are far from baby huey~you are gorgeous!! And Your daughters are lucky to have you as their mom!

  • Jennifer+Price
    Jennifer Price

    Your daughters are lucky to have a wonderful mother like you! Thank you for sharing your story. By the way, you are gorgeous!

  • Ladygagaartpop2

    My name is Julien, I am diabetic since I have 6 years. It’s hard to live, but Lady Gaga really help me to endure my life. Now I know that I am Born This Way! Some ppl bullying me, but I don’t care because I know that Gaga doesn’t reject people, she doesn’t care if we aren’t same at the others. She loves everyone.

  • MonsterLunaChick

    I respect you. Strong, positive women such as yourself are always beautiful inside and out! We and Gaga love you, Terisa! Welcome to the Little Monster Family! <3

  • Lady+Bug
    Lady Bug

    wow youre 60!!!! youre so gorgous!! good for you for not being a mean mom even tho yuor dad was just trying to be funny im sure

  • Bian

    You remind of my beautiful mother and grandma <3 Be proud, be really proud. God bless you, sincerely, I just wish you the best!

  • BabetteJo

    So many people would love to have a body and wonderful mom like you. Most of the time it's the most special people who feel the worst about themselves. Go mama!

  • Jasmine+Garcia
    Jasmine Garcia

    I really enjoyed reading your story and am proud of you for not putting that negativity that you recieved from your parents onto your daughters (: You are absolutely amazing for that. you are a beautiful woman and I know people who would kill to have a body like yours. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful because you are gorgeous! :D


    2 kids? Wow, you are amazing! You look like you were in your forties or so, but 60? You are something to aspire to! Your daughters should be lucky to age like you do! Screw the duck, you are a swan!

  • Gabriel+Garcez
    Gabriel Garcez

    Hey Terisa, it's so good to see people like you around here. It's also really nice how you understand the world and try to teach your daughters having this on your mind. Keep learning on how to love the you inside, and thank you for spreading this message, we are family.