Lady Gaga's LittleMonsters
Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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  • Renan+Souza
    Renan Souza

    You're Perfect, we are here for you dear ♥ with our queen Gaga we can do everything ^.^

  • Martin

    you're beautiful

  • XGagaDiamond

    to be honest with you, i really like and admire people like you who have such courage to show the what you really are....u are so inspirational....dun be sad abt ur height,u can be small on the outside,but big on the inside... :)

  • Gui


  • Celeste+Leon
    Celeste Leon

    You're amazing + beautiful in every way! ("")("") <3

    • Artpop+Baby
      Artpop Baby

      this is my story thisis a sad, brave story :( <3

    • Quote+Hooker+.++%E2%99%A5
      Quote Hooker . ♥

      Heather , we love you , sister , no matter what ! <3 stay strong ! PAWS UP FOREVER ! You're soo beautiful ! <3

  • BontkaMonster

    Beautiful hun <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxo

  • akyonce

    gaga tweeted this right now <3

  • Agnese

    You're so cute&beautiful :)

  • Can+I+Touch+Your+Ass
    Can I Touch Your Ass

    Despite the height difference; I/we look up to you. <3

  • Nina+Meyer
    Nina Meyer

    You look gorgeous! And your dress is lovely! Also I love the fact that you are almost smiling looks good :)

  • michael

    idc of how short or tall you are. you are fucking beautiful <3

  • JANE


  • Mike+B
    Mike B

    good for you! You inspire me.

  • Saul+Geermanotta
    Saul Geermanotta

    Don't be ashamed. You are not an Alien. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFU WOMAN. <3 Stay Strong <3 Be Brave <3

  • Alex+J%C3%BCng
    Alex Jüng

    you look fabulous girl, and I love that shade of purple on your toes!!!!!

  • Emily+Sarah
    Emily Sarah


  • Courtney+Celeste
    Courtney Celeste

    you're so beautiful and brave <3 Gaga loves you <3

  • Gagaamour

    you were born to be brave! thank you for sharing your story

  • Liizh+Est%C3%A9vez
    Liizh Estévez

    Honey i have just one thing to say: YOU MADE ME CRY! I see you and think "she's so beautiful" you're perfect <3

  • Brendon+%E2%80%A0
    Brendon †

    You're sooo amazing!! Don't ever let anyone tell you different. You were BORN THIS WAY and are so brave :)

  • Anusorn+Buapimai
    Anusorn Buapimai

    It's doesn't matter how you look, how short you are. You were born this way and you are beautiful and brave. Stay strong <3

  • Hun%E2%80%A0er+%E2%9D%A4
    Hun†er ❤

    Giiiiiiirrrlll. Look at that outfit. & + you're adorable hunny! I'm 6'4. And i can tell you right now, being this tall isn't so great bby! Lol(: I run into everything (including tree branches) hahahaha. Work it bby, you were born to survive. xx

  • Marsha

    Little Monsters amaze me. I'm so glad we've been brought together to support each other. We are all so different and awesome, i could never get bored!

  • Irenn+Montana+Germanotta

    It totally doesn't matter how tall you are, as long as your soul reaches the beautiful sky. You're perfect! <3

  • Ladygagaartpop2

    My name is Julien, I am diabetic since I have 6 years. It’s hard to live, but Lady Gaga really help me to endure my life. Now I know that I am Born This Way! Some ppl bullying me, but I don’t care because I know that Gaga doesn’t reject people, she doesn’t care if we aren’t same at the others. She loves everyone.

  • Starbryte

    You helped me heather, I feel so ugly and fat and disgusting. I want to die some days because of how ugly I am. You inspired me to fight another day <3

  • Marlee+Craig
    Marlee Craig

    you are a bundle of joy and the adorable splash that we need in this world, we love u babe, big hugs ox marlee aka little monster

  • AnaIsABadKid%2C+Baby
    AnaIsABadKid, Baby

    I love your style. :) Everything is possible. Now your in some way a role model for us, too. to share our stories.

  • Chris+Mason
    Chris Mason

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!!! Always believe, paws up!!!

  • Terisa+Washington+Wilson

    Heather, I'm 60 years old but my best friend since 1967 had to endure a monster brace for her fused spine, and we speak often and laugh about all our antics!!! Keep your positive attitude!! You are beautiful!!


    No matter how tall you are, its the size of your heart that matters and love you give, that makes you a giant! LOVE!!!

  • Michael

    You're beautiful! Height doesn't matter because its what's inside that counts! (But your still beautiful anyways:)

  • francesk2

    "Hello Monster and Mother Monster if u read this, I'm writing cause i'm freaked out over the pre-sale tickets. Okay my first issue is the area I don't know if it's wheel chair friendly. Like i can't seem to find wheel chair seats on the Map thingy it's the Scott trade center st. Louis Mo." Quote from Heather M. Reimers 3days ago.... Lets help Heather find out & if possible meet Gaga!!

  • StellaMonster

    Beautifull Smile :D you're beautifull in your way :DDD<3 :') AND you know i love your body and your dress *O*<3

  • Ugne

    You are so beautiful <3 I just love the dress and your smile. Take care and remember that little monsters will love you no matter what happens <3

  • Niki+Lea+%E2%80%A0
    Niki Lea †

    <3 Braver Than Me! <3 Paws Up! You are Beautiful! <3 Be Yourself And NEVER Let Anyone Stop you from Loving Who you Are... -Lady Gaga xoxox <3 #MonsterLove

  • Maria

    Congratulations for beeing yourself and live in your way, because we're all different, but we are all born this way! xoxo <3

  • Charlie

    You are so beautiful baby! That smile says it all! Don't ever let anyone make you short! Stand tall with your head up high because you are worth it!

  • Adam+James
    Adam James

    Thank you Heather for sharing your story with us "Little Monsters", you are beautiful no matter what and Thanks you gaga who made us brave enough to share our stories :)

  • Kim+Kevin+Adam+Y%C3%BCyi+%E2%99%88

    You are so fucking Beautiful ... an Amazing . u are sexy and hot . if i was not Gay ... i'd marry you :P xoxo

  • Gabriel+Garcez
    Gabriel Garcez

    Hey Heather, that is so beautiful. People like you make me feel like there's nothing too bad or nothing too hard. There'a no reason to give up on life. I'm so glad you joined body revolution and happy to see that you accept yourself just the way you are. You're beautiful and health and that's the only important thing ;) love u

  • You+know.+Me.
    You know. Me.

    Darling, I just wanted to say.. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!(: x


    Oh my God, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3

  • Ella+Mary+Giovanna
    Ella Mary Giovanna


  • anna

    What a gorgeous picture!

  • Kanokploy+Phetpakdee
    Kanokploy Phetpakdee

    Amazing!! You r beautiful! :))

  • Car+LivingTheLife
    Car LivingTheLife

    heather, you inspire me

  • ediliag

    You're so amazing!

  • Johana+Zoe
    Johana Zoe

    You are beautiful! STAY BRAVE <3


    Beautiful :) ♥