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Welcome home, little monsters. This is for us. is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly... be yourself!
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    U look beautiful! Ur the definition of beautiful, and the media is so fucked up its crazy. They need to see this and realize that ur beautiful and healthy. They're all just jealous of u. ❤❤

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    Scared for me. I went into treatment and I was so scared of gaining weight, that I didn't eat there. I went to the hospital and was there for 17 days getting MRIs or my brain cause they thought that my body was eating itself and it was. I wasn't eating there either but u made me strong. I saw ur pics and listened to ur music and listened to u talk and I felt braver. I knew that I needed to eat and i needed to eat now. I did I for u momma. U made me brave and helped me overcome the hardest time of my life. When I saw u at the Born This Way Ball I was so happy because I knew that I wouldn't have been there a year ago. Thank u for everything, ur my everything and I'm so happy to be a part of the family. I will never betray u momma; plz take care of yourself:)

  • Ida

    I can't stop crying. Gaga i'm battling the same thing right now; you met me in Sydnney the first thing you said to me was " Oh my God you're so skinny" And from then on i've been trying to recover so much but it's been killing me, i've been relapsing a lot lately and all i do iscry about my body and i feel like i wish i never did recover but this. looking at this is making me strong. You inspire me. If you can be strong, i can too. Thankyou for helping me. TYhankyou for everything.

    • Bloody%E2%96%BCMaryanne

      <3 idaaa :') i love you so much, preying Gaga see's your comment!

    • Bloody%E2%96%BCMaryanne



      We love you so much Ida and you are so strong and so beautiful <3

    • Camilo+Nu%C3%B1ez
      Camilo Nuñez

      When people say things like Lady Gaga is fat or "Lady Gaga is ugly". I smile because Gaga is perfect for all the little monsters. And Gaga is not a model she is a singer, she is a real person.

    • Felien

      you're gorgeous, Ida. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down ever again. :)

    • Felien

      but I know it's hard, fighting the same thing.

    • stephanie+dee
      stephanie dee

      I am the exact same way, struggling so hard for recovery. Thank you for posting this! I wish you the ultimate best!

    • Faye

      I'm recovering from anorexia myself. Be brave to ask for help..:if i didnt i would b dead but together we can get better

    • idamonsterrr

      we have same name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo i love you

    • Sia+Jane+Lloyd
      Sia Jane Lloyd

      @Ida - I am recovered from Anorexia so please, if you need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to talk to me, okay <3

  • Isidora

    We love you the way you are. We love you. Forever.

    • Virginia+Monster
      Virginia Monster

      I'm crying so much, GAga. This is so inspiring, I love you so much, you are perfect the way you are. This is my story, I wanna share it with all of you. I love you

  • mikaylamonster%F0%9F%A6%84%F0%9F%90%90%F0%9F%90%A5

    oh my god, you are so brave. I'm 15 right now and I'm having major trouble with body image, but now that I have seen all these posts, I will not do something rash to make myself feel better, instead I will just exercise more and love myself no matter what. Thank you for everything Gaga. :* <3 <3 <3 by the way u r the sexiest most beautiful woman on earth <3

  • LisiGaGa

    I am 14 and I have anorexia since 6 months! But I acceptetd it and I am on a good way! I have 2 kg more since christmas! And I am happy! And it helped a lot seeing this! You are so brave!!! Thank you ♥

  • Elise+%E2%80%A0
    Elise †

    To everyone calling Gaga fat: look at this picture. You think that's fat? Gaga's looking so God damn amazing, and after looking at this picture you can't say anything else than that.

  • Y%C3%BCYiTheMermaid

    Gaga stay strong u look hot <3

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    Gaga, I had anorexia for over a year and it was the worst time of my life. I was so underweight and unhealthy that everyone wa s

  • Cheryl

    So proud of you for being brave enough to show your true self. You inspire us all to do the same.

  • sarah

    Me too, baby. I can’t stop crying b/c you're so damn brave and you make me so damn proud. Non-stop tears. I've had bulimia for far MORE than 1/2 my life. I can relate so much because I'm also Sicilian-American, 5"1' and I went to an all-girls Catholic high school in NYC. I stopped purging for the first time last Dec. through this June b/c I was vomiting blood and got scared. But I only lasted 6 months and then relapsed b/c, when I began to eat normally/minimally for that time period, I gained so much weight. I was always a size 2 and now I don’t even know what size I am b/c I won’t buy clothes. I run 20 miles a week at the lower loop of Central Park. Gaga, I get it as so many of us do. I really do get it and I love you soooo much for being this brave to raise awareness. Very few artists with your extreme talents would take the time and have the courage to bond with us like this on such a deep personal level. I just love and admire you so much. It’s so hard b/c there are so many of us here who want to hang with you, get to know you and be your friend but, of course, we can’t. I know it sounds crazy but I wish things were different and that there would be some way for us to spend time with you without the media shieza.  I'm so proud to call myself a NYer, an UWS girl and a Siclian-American all because of you. We will stay strong for each other!! See you at MSG and Barclay. I got my tix yesterday!! XXX

    • Sia+Jane+Lloyd
      Sia Jane Lloyd

      Keep fighting angel <3<3

    • anais

      Never give up! all the little monsters are here for you! that what GAGA want! we are here for each other!

    • sarah

      @Sia Jane Lloyd: thank you, angel. xxx

    • sarah

      @anais: thank you! :) X

    • Elena+Gigi+LaLa
      Elena Gigi LaLa

      we italians loves out food and sometimes a little too much of it. But we shouldnt feel guilty for eating. I have had problem with my weight as well and it frustrated me that i couldnt loose the pounds i ate healthy and worked out and i was stuck or even gained weight. But i think if you keep on fighting for what you want you will get there! All of us here knows you get back to the size you want to be and without purging. good luck hun!

    • sarah

      @Elena Gigi LaLa: so true. aside from enjoying to eat and to cook for others, i think we are also built differently. more butt and thighs, maybe? :) XX hang in there and thank you!!

    • anais

      @sarah: i'm italian too (sicilian) by my mom side! and every women in my family are like that (more butt and thighs) and i'm so proud of it! it's what i am!

    • sarah

      @anais: haha! i'm so proud of it too!! XX

    • Sia+Jane+Lloyd
      Sia Jane Lloyd

      @sarah: You never need to thank me, okay. Keep being strong and amazing and most essentially YOU <3


    Keep your head up because you are amazing and you have started a movement of peace love and acceptance, YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD <3

  • Dylan+Appleby
    Dylan Appleby

    to be perfectly honest i don't see the weight gain and even if i could it doesn't matter

  • Stella+Sensel
    Stella Sensel

    Girl, I've been chunky since I turned 25 and I just want to say, YOU LOOK GOOD WITH MEAT ON YOUR BONES!! Fuck the media. They are soul eating gremlins.

  • Nora+Mendoza
    Nora Mendoza

    Fuck the people who tell you you're not beautiful! You're the definition of beauty<3

  • Bryanne

    I LOVE YOU. I have struggled with weight and eating issues my whole life. Your honesty and bravery make is better and for all of us. You are beautiful - today, yesterday and tomorrow.



  • Olivia

    I'm so proud of you Gaga! This made me cry! You are so beautiful! And this "Body Revolution" really make since! You are the only one that makes me strong every day! But I've felt a little bad about myself lately, and when I went online today and saw this, you set me complex free. Thank you for making me love myself! Sometimes people tell me that I'm ugly and fat, even if I'm not! And the only reason that I can say that is because of you. You have changed my life! I love you! Before you came into my life I was insecure, I cried over bullies, I cried over my ugly body, but you make me feel beautiful! Thank you for all you've done! I love you so much! Love And Kisses, Olivia.

  • Holly+Landry
    Holly Landry

    I never thought you looked bad at all in those pics everywhere, calling you "FAT". That's BS. I wish I were that "FAT". I can't even believe anyone considers that fat at all. It seems like people need to wake the fuck up. Those thin little models who look so perfect are PHOTOSHOPPED. THEY don't even look like that. I've never been the hugest fan of yours, but i do like some of your music, and watched your special. It entertained the shit out of me. So I'm not some insane lady who lives and breathes for everything you do, and I do not agree with everything you wear. But I think you look just fine, and you in your undies, make-up free right here, looking like every other woman out there, is the best photo I've ever seen of you. Let them have their stupid gossip. THEY aren't making millions on your stage, now are they?

    • Wayne+Hopkinson
      Wayne Hopkinson

      I couldn't have put it better. Like you, I'm not an insane fan, but I am a fan. I enjoy watching her perform, and listening to her music, but I don't have posters on my wall, and only one album ( BTW ). I'm a 46 year old straight male who admires what she has done. She IS one of my favourite singers.

    • Holly+Landry
      Holly Landry

      @Wayne Hopkinson: Thanks, Wayne. That's my dad's name, btw. I just wish she could have seen this. She probably saw similar things, and I hope she took them to heart.

  • Oliver+Cousins
    Oliver Cousins

    You're a queen, woman are princesses and men are princes... We were all born this way. ♥

  • Sarah

    Gaga you are so amazing and beautiful and hot! Thank you for sharing your struggles with us, we love you.

  • Amanda+D%27Orazio
    Amanda D'Orazio

    Seeing you embrace you body especially under such a harsh microscope has giving me so much power over my negative self talk. I thought.."wow, gaga deals with the same struggles that I do" you have no idea how inspiring it is too see you and here you say you still love yourself and you're beautiful no matter what. You always will be to me and so many others. Thank you for speaking out and helping me learn how to love myself and accept myself. <3

  • Jane+Hawkins
    Jane Hawkins

    I love you for you! Not what you look like, but you are SO BEAUTIFUL! I've been struggling with my weight my whole life too. You are such a courageous leader for tons of young fans, and I'm glad they (and I!) have someone as strong as you. Do ya thang Mama. We'll love you no matter what.

  • G

    Thank you for putting yourself out there like this. It's interesting how the media continues to slam you for your weight (mostly because you're an international pop star) despite the fact that you've openly mentioned in the past your battles with anorexia and bulimia.

  • Bubble+Dreams
    Bubble Dreams

    you are amazing gaga never changed we love u the way you are beautiful inside and out.♥

  • Elliott

    im bulimic. its so hard to stop gaga! x

  • Candy+Warhol
    Candy Warhol

    Beautiful <3 Thanks to you, all the little monsters generation is going to change the prefabricated image of beauty, thanks to you we're going to CHANGE THE FUKING WORLD

  • sanne

    You are beautifull gaga , and the people who said you are fat need to open there eyes again en take another look... You are NOT fat but beautifull :)

  • Joshua+Denniss
    Joshua Denniss

    Lets start a Born Brave Body Revolution fashion show

  • Emma-Rhiannon+OBrien
    Emma-Rhiannon OBrien

    I don't even have a word to sum this up. Thank you. I love you.

  • Marit+Savelo.
    Marit Savelo.

    Gaga Im so proud of you


    you are fucking beautiful to our eyes. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Melanie+Thompson
    Melanie Thompson

    You are absolutely beautiful. I've struggled with anorexia for years. Just got recently let out of hospital again after some more treatment. I wish I had never started this because I can't stop. Whether I'm struggling mentally or physically with it it's torture everyday.

  • Sarah+Crim
    Sarah Crim

    I love that you are sharing this. You are so brave. I hope that you stay in recovery. I am in recovery for anorexia-bulimia since I was 8. It is tough, but I know you can do it.

  • Sarah+Crim
    Sarah Crim

    I am in recovery for anorexia right now. I am 31. It started at age 8. I am so happy that you started a body revolution.

  • Taylor+Plummer
    Taylor Plummer

    Gaga: I am 13 and I have bulimia. how do you do it? I can barely go outside much less be in front of thousands of people. I want to be as strong as you but I can't. People tell me I am skinny (size 0-2 depending on brand) but I can't make myself believe them. I am in awe that you can admit it I cannot even say it outloud without crying. I want to stop but I can't

  • Ronny+BouDiab
    Ronny BouDiab

    I'm dealing with the same thing! :( I'm just anorexic though, not bulimic, and it's so hard :( I love Gaga :) :** I'm trying to get better <3 an ida i feel for you <3 I love your courage <3 Hope I'll be the same <3

  • Kristy

    I want to hold you and tell you everything's going to be OK. You're such an inspiration, beautiful, dearest Gaga.

  • Scott+McDermott
    Scott McDermott

    I don't particularly come to sites like this and to be honest I have no IDEA how I ended up here. I signed up just to write this. I bought Gaga's second album in 2009 before it was all over the radio. I'm wouldn't dare to say I'm the biggest fan but I support you enough to say that you look absolutely fine. Keep the damn weight on and be proud. No one wants a skeleton. You don't need to lose anything. Live your life for you. Nobody else.

  • Amber+Lankford
    Amber Lankford

    I wanna know .. how you conquered such a powerful disease? It's has taken over so many people.. It truly is a blessing to have you !!

  • Cami+Juilane+Azzinaro
    Cami Juilane Azzinaro

    I've always been a fan of yours, but now you’ve struck a personal chord with me, and I want to do whatever I can to help others with the darkness of eating disorders, and maybe help shed some light from my own experience. Your new stance on "Body Revolution” is all-inspiring and bravo for just having the guts to put it out there. I remember being only 8 years old, and looking back now it was a very pivotal moment in my life- little did I know that was the beginning to a daily battle of bulimia and anorexia. For 8 years all I thought about was food, my weight, and being disappointed in the way I saw my body. It was like a prison where most of every waking moment was spent in a cycle of those thoughts. At 16 years old, I was blessed enough to have the most amazing opportunity (by a great friend of mine today, Angela Farmer, who was Paula Abdul's asst at the time), guide me and give me the courage to receive help. Her girlfriend by coincidence ran an eating disorder facility; Rebecca's House and Angela had me call her. This was the beginning of a new way of life for me. I had to put my friends, family, school, and all of my free time (which was mainly engaging in binging and purging) aside and put myself FIRST. I was there for a significant amount of time. It was honestly the best experience that has ever happened to me. I knew that treatment was necessary for me to get back on my feet, but little did I know how important my life would be afterwards. I guess proof of this lies in me being able to tell you about it today. I realized how important having people around me who really understand what its like to live with an eating disorder supports me. I also realized how to manage my feeling and emotions even when I’m around people who don’t, including friends and family. I have people I can reach out to today, I have tools to manage y stress and self sabotaging thinking. I’m able to share my feelings without expectation from others. My thoughts on a day-to-day basis are spent on my hopes and dreams for me today, for my future, and for the people I love in my life. I’m not alone. My hope for anyone who might read this that is struggling is to know you too do not have to do this alone. There is help, hope, and a chance for you to have a different life. You can be free of the grip of your eating disorder.
    Thank you, Lady Gaga for being yourself and sending a positive message about self-acceptance to all your little monsters. With love, respect, and gratitude, just another one of your little monsters. Cami.

  • alice+seaanna+hinkle
    alice seaanna hinkle

    This is so incredibly inspiring. The moment i saw this post, i cried so much. You are the reason why i am still alive. I love you so much. We all do. Thank you for being brave.

  • BonnieeGAGA%E2%80%A0

    suffering from the same thing myself gaga:( for me it was since i was 11/12 and i'm now 17:( i love you gaga, you're my inspiration for everything. a body revolution has inspired me to go to the doctors and get my recovery over and done with. these past 2 months, has been so hard for me as i put on so much weight, because i had recovered on my own, my past has come back to haunt me and well controlling me all the time. :/ i love you gaga.

  • Def+Sufi
    Def Sufi

    Fat? If this is what fat looks like, then please let me be fat too! GORGEOUS is more like it! What needs to be focused on is "healthy" not a number dictated by society. We all come in different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours.... This is what makes us all wonder-full!

  • James+Alan
    James Alan

    don't cry honey, crazy gurl! you're all amazing to stay strong, this is the most beautiful thing in a human, marry you strong! paws up

  • Annie+Marie+Germanotta

    Gaga. You're perfect. I'm struggling with weight currently right now.... I gained like 30 or 40 pounds awhile ago... Trying to get rid of it :P I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! remember, bitch you're Lady Gaga!!! You can do anything <3

  • Steppenwolf

    I've been having such a difficult time w/eating issues lately Gaga, you inspire me to stay strong in trying to stay healthy, not letting my bulimia relapse take me over. Xoxoxo

  • Danny+Flahive
    Danny Flahive

    You are beautiful. Society, screw what they think. Society doesn't make you beautiful. You make yourself beautiful. No matter what anyway says, you are beautiful in every way, and you were born that way, baby <3 <3 <3 /"'/ /"'/

  • starglory

    gaga you must know that we do love you and we are from a lot of countryes around the world so it's ice from you to talk and to contact with your monsters and your doing the best you can i think your so pretty no matter what.

  • Sirene

    This picture is so STRONG...I cried..THANK YOU GAGA!! This madness about body image in whole world MUST BE STOPED !! You are the real warrior queen, who can fight this battle and win. It drives me crazy how many people out there are suffering because all the „idols of beauty“ in pictures, magazines and films. Almost all the actresses are super tiny and it´s so WEIRD and NOT REAL ! So what if the camera make you look.. ehm bigger? So fuck WHAT? It about acting and not about size! Who is doing this? The producers? Film and fashion industry? All the madness must be stoped. Whe must not allowed this. It´s the beauty inside each human being that matters. People should be healthy in their own sizes, do some exercise but only for health, not for vanity. And enjoy food ! Who can not enjoy the food can not enjoy the life. :)
    I support you Gaga and adore your bravery. Sending love to you and all the litllemonsters, who are recovering. Stay strong, win the battles and then spread the body revolution :) PAWS UP !