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  • William+Aldridge
    William Aldridge

    The case is so cool...#ARTPOP for (4) 13...that's what I saw. I hope U liked the art.

  • Jake+Dam-Mikkelsen
    Jake Dam-Mikkelsen

    gypsie life

  • Augusto

    Taylor & Gaga - Love FOREVER :)

  • Francisco+Caboblanco
    Francisco Caboblanco

    You are Vuitton ant T is your Anchor


    I beleive she is trying to be funny...."Charming" stands for charm braclett and couple because there are two. And then the suit case resembles her love for fashion and the anchor resembles something for Taylor:)

  • calofisteri

    Taylor needs to make a lm account tbh

  • jordan+butler
    jordan butler

    I believe the suitcase symbolises haha gaga is always travelling for the tour, and the anchor is taylor, who always keeps her grounded when shes travelling :P

  • Dontcallmynam3

    Germany can't wait to see you GaGa we are already waiting in front of the Lanxess Arena ;)

  • -

    Being a Gaga fan is improving your detective skillz

  • jasmin


  • gabbiemonster

    Gaga is the suitcase shes always travelling and taylor is anchor that holds her down, she will might always travel but she knows where her home is. they can belong together

  • shaked

    damn bitch tell us what you mean!!!

  • John.M

    The anchor is ment to stop smthing in motion....the suit case may represent that she is always on the move.."working" ....also the anchor may represent taylor and suit case is time stops when taylor is with her, even if shes always on the road/ moving. (im think too much these days).

  • Rachael+Carolyn
    Rachael Carolyn

    Things are really confusing lately. lol but they're always somewhat confusing... haha ~~ARTPOP~~

  • Aimequee

    get taylor on here. also explain the suitcase and anchor references.

  • Aimequee

    girl you can't just be making cryptic captions and then not elaborate!

  • Kayla

    As reluctant as I am to join the Kinney-lovers bandwagon, I'm so glad that you are happy. ♥

  • Sparkles

    maybe...gaga's the one who is always traveling and going here and there because of music, and the anchor means that taylor keeps her grounded? or could represent yuyi from the video :)

  • Mint_teal

    Gaga,what the fuck are you trying to say us?Sometimes you scares me.It's a fuckin conspiration.

  • Moa+SvenskPrince%CF%9F%CF%9Fa+Yeticlaws

    Sneaky Gaga! :)

  • Madelaine

    if Taylor give it to you, he's really charming!

  • AmberARTPOP

    awwwwww GAYLOR LOVE :') <3

  • jasmin




  • GagaOfIceland

    I believe that an old woman saw Gaga and T together and said that to them without knowing who they were. :)

  • Felmar+Rowell
    Felmar Rowell

    An other gorgeous symbolism of her gorgeous relationship with her man, Taylor! The bag is Gaga, feminine, on the move, carrying her energies. The anchor is her T (inverted T = Taylor), the anchor of her dynamic and motile life, a reference also to her as mermaid to Taylor in the "You and I" music video. Gaga and Taylor, you are the cutest and most loving couple on Earth right now!!!

  • lou

    The anchor that you tattoed !!!! Amazing !!! But please no more tattoes on your life !!!!! Your body is amazing as it is !!!!

  • %E2%80%A0+Gaga%27s+Mons%E2%80%A0er+%E2%80%A0

    Hey Its missing the Camera.. Lol I think it is a sign, a puzzle of some sort.... HMMmmmmmmm %) I LOVE YOU GAGA XOXOXO

  • TheRealNexusSphere1

    :-O ZOMFG I LOVE IT!!! I.E. It's Real Effing **ALL KINDS Of Rad & PoTent "Super - MeMeTic" **EVERYTHING FTW 4 - EVAR**!!! :-D ♥ ♫ <8 !!!

  • JevouxtonamourLou

    It's simple. she loves suitcases and anchors.... jesus. All of you should stop being detectives =)))))))))))))))))


    funny girl you always amaze me ... One reference for your BTWBall Tour all over the world and the other one for your T boy friend (so lucky guy)

  • Didier+Moustique+Marc+Gilbert

    Hmm..a lot of anchors lately..first her tattoo and now her necklace?..this is surely a hint for a music video or perhaps a song..Lol I have no clue still...she's a mystery.

  • Aldrin+Germanotta
    Aldrin Germanotta

    GaGa represents the case while Taylor is the anchor. Notice that in the shape of the anchor there's T which makes Taylor as the sailor. Now GaGa (who travels/tours overseas a lot with her LV) is the mermaid, who got caught by the sailor (refer to You and I music video). Hence, GaGa's tattoo is the stamp of Taylor's mermaid who is GaGa.

  • Philippe+Champagne
    Philippe Champagne

    hey fellow little monsters, just posted a film submission. I'd be SO HAPPY I COULD DIE if you looked at it :D

  • francesk2

    Gaga got the Anchor for Yuyi/Taylor/the time they met/cause she sails (travels) the world so she needs her Vuitton(suitcase.. which might be Taylors new tattoo) Looks like the suitcase opens up.. I wonder..?

    • francesk2

      the Suitcase is for the travellin for us Lil Monsters(gems on it for Gaga) an the Anchor for the Taylor as he keeps her grounded (Plain cause he Loves her for her).. Or it could just be that they are a Couple of Charms which are on a Awsum Necklace :o)

  • Josh+Vasconcellos
    Josh Vasconcellos

    guysss im at the tattoo shop and i wanna get my ARTPOP tatto but i need to find the picture i really need its the one where there is a lighting bolt, a cross a triangle and the ARTPOP symbol!! guys please help quick ASAP HELPPPPPP

  • Rj+Nation
    Rj Nation

    throwing memories to the bottom of the ocean, doesn't make then go away it just makes the new ones harder to keep ...

  • davey

    Duse that meen he's all ways thear wen u leve 4 tour bus on moster ball .and he's hook on u . Evein we he dreams .and vices verser .sala v .love is the hook .

  • Bex

    I don't think the anchor only symbolises Taylor. Well, maybe the charm does. But the tattoo itself isn't particularly linked to Taylor. You remember when Gaga told us she got rid of all the bad and betrayful people in her life en kept the people that have an positive impact on her life? The anchor symbolises those people. For example Taylor ofcourse, but also her family, Tara,...

  • Daniel+Hyde
    Daniel Hyde

    Gaga is going to start her own cruise line for little monsters? Seeing suitcase and anchor brought that idea to mind. Imagine how cool that would be? Her next tour could take place on a cruise liner asdfghjkl amazing

  • BornThisWayFameMonster

    Is a song off the album ganna be called somthing like "charming couple?"!? Eney ways yes or no Talor and gaga :) I love that uv found somone gaga and from LIL we know about him (I respect it's privet don't mean that as a sower comment) I'm sure he's an amazin guy and treats u not like a "queen" or a piece of sh*t but as he should :)

  • Anthony+%E2%9C%9D
    Anthony ✝

    Why do people have to read sooo much in to everything little thing Gaga says, does and post! This most possibly has NOTHING to do with her new music at all. Its just a very pretty set of charms she thought of uploading. Drink it shallow people!

  • Jay+%CF%9F+%E2%80%A0++%E2%88%87+%E2%99%88
    Jay ϟ † ∇ ♈

    Gaga on her way from Copenhagen to Cologne, Germany. #YoureGonnaMakeIt

  • preciousillusions

    this "charming couple" is a pair of charms. the anchor represents gaga having found love and the suitcase means she's taking off

  • Bruna+Dec
    Bruna Dec

    Gaga se você me conhecesse, não acreditaria de tantos colares, anéis e brincos divertidos que tenho, como esse que você postou, você iria ADORAR ;.D

  • Leonardo+Pisano
    Leonardo Pisano

    I think; the blue diamond represents THE FAME ERA, the violet one represents THE FAME MONSTER ERA, the triangle represents THE BORN THIS WAY ERA and the anchor represents ARTPOP ERA.

  • R%C3%ADvia

    I'm happy to see you happy. when you're happy, i'm happy too. You deserve all happiness of the world! congratulations!

  • Diana+Martinez
    Diana Martinez

    CHARMING! OMG UR ACTING LIKE MY TEACHER WIT HHIS JOKES!!!!!!!! lol i love you so much!♥xoxoi thik the camara stands for terry and the anchor idk. lol♥xoxo

  • Ellen+Nilsson
    Ellen Nilsson why dident you open the smal boc you holding! it was from me :( <73