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  • Luisa+U.
    Luisa U.

    I´m sooooooooo soorrrryyyy

  • Rosane+Bruno
    Rosane Bruno

    OMG! A big mind in a small head! Just a little baby, but a great soul!

  • Katie+Milan
    Katie Milan

    it's way to late but I'm sorry gaga. I'm on the edge of glory and I'm hanging on a moment with you

  • %E2%9C%A8+Liz+%E2%9C%A8
    ✨ Liz ✨

    I'm sorry for your loss. <3

  • Gina+Granata
    Gina Granata

    I'm srry gaga he looking down over u and must be proud of your music .

  • Adri%C3%A1n+Peregr%C3%ADn
    Adrián Peregrín

    OMGaga! It's so Sweet (:

  • Viviana

    I'm really sorry Gaga we are your family and we are here for you we love you

  • Gleice+Ribeiro
    Gleice Ribeiro

    He's On The Edge Of Glory now, Honey. God bless him <3

  • Gurjot+-+Schei%C3%9Fe+%21%21
    Gurjot - Scheiße !!

    stay strong gaga we love u <3

  • Ana+Mons%E2%80%A0er
    Ana Mons†er

    Aw we're so so so sorry babe :'( we love you! RIP <3

  • Marvyn+Gaga
    Marvyn Gaga

    Aw it's so sad i'm so sorry! But, well. You're a very beautiful baby!

  • J.+Michael+Francis
    J. Michael Francis

    Life is about Joy & Happiness. Sorrow and Pain. The Best of times & the worst of times... Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote "He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man...“ As long as Ü remember He Never will Quite Be gone. So "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure." And Hold to that memory...Buono Notte (To Ü)

  • AnubisCMA


  • Hugo+Gago
    Hugo Gago

    May he rest in peace. My sincere condolences to you and your family Gaga. Being so close to my own godfathers, I can't imagine the cost of his loss, but it's ruled that we all must go through these moments. Remain strong, and smile in his memory!

  • ARHani

    Rest in peace godfather Gaga <3

  • LadyDancerinTheDark

    :( Buonanotte <3

  • leonardo

    Que pena Gaga , nós lamentamos muito :( mais não se esqueça nós seus monstrinhos estamos aqui pro o que der e vier , nos momentos difíceis e bons de sua vida . Te amamos Gaga.

  • Alex+%E2%9C%9D
    Alex ✝

    aw he is in heaven now <3 may he rest in peace

  • Joseph+Miller
    Joseph Miller

    Sorry for your loss :( Monsters are here for you, Gaga <3 stay strong!

  • Michael

    So sorry for your loss </3

  • %E2%9C%9EFlo+%E2%9C%9E
    ✞Flo ✞

    RIP for your godfather! All my thoughts for you and your family. I didn't know him but the fact that it was a part of your life makes him a good person. Love

  • Mar+Laurente
    Mar Laurente

    He will surely guide you in everything you do. May he rest in peace. Stay strong, Mommy. :)

  • Shane

    You're such a cute baby, Gaga. I'm sorry you lost your godfather. He looked like such a nice man. You and your family are in my prayers.

  • Ale+Olmos
    Ale Olmos


  • Bal%C3%B9

    RIP ...i so sorry gaga... but think positive .. now in a better place than this world of shit

  • Dalal

    omg gaga you are so cute!! he is in the edge!!!!

  • helena

    so sweet, and I think that he loves you ,and now he watching you and looking from sky.sorry Iknow how you feel but you lucky because Isee my father just 2 time in my life

  • Monstre+Mode
    Monstre Mode

    awhh mother monster us babies are here for you. stay strong in your heart and lift your spirits because he's sure watching over you know cheering for you as you walk each day on stage or in life. Love you Mother Monster

  • Ludiveja+Germanotta
    Ludiveja Germanotta

    :( I'm sorry sweetheart I'm sure you are very sad! But we are here for you and we love you, don't be sad :(((

  • Devin+Merriman
    Devin Merriman

    Gaga, I am so sorry for your loss. Your godfather looked like a very nice man. I wish you the best to go through this tough time, having someone very very close pass, I know the feeling. you can cry on me. My mothers friend knew him and he sold wine to him and once he did to you, his name is Eric Blanz and yo u might be getting a call from my friends mother. I love you and I am wishing you happiness for you and for your family.

  • Joyce+Souza
    Joyce Souza

    The most beautiful baby in the world! Gaga, be happy because he will be happy to see you happy. I love you.

  • borntobebravex

    I love you. Keep your head up! Just know he is looking down smiling at you & is SO proud of you!!! ♥ You were a cute baby btw ;) You're in my prayers dolly XOXO

  • Juli+Avila
    Juli Avila

    We love you and your family, Lady Gaga. Your godfather is very proud of who you truly are and what you have done for our society! Paws up forever!

  • little+monster
    little monster

    i am really sorry to hear that gaga just remember that we little monsters are always here to support youwe love u remember that we little monstersare always here to support you

  • shannon+Quirke
    shannon Quirke

    bless so sorry xx well he up in the stars looking down on you know thinking abouh all the time xxx R.I.P xxx<33333333333333

  • Fleur+van+Hulle
    Fleur van Hulle

    gaga your really cute on this photo and your godfather to , but we are family to and we cry as your crying so your godfather is a good men and he's family to so i wanna say : we love you and everything you loves

  • Catherine+%27Kit%27+M
    Catherine 'Kit' M

    MM... "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments he took your breath away" <3

  • Danielle+Ferrari
    Danielle Ferrari

    Oh Gaga!! I'm very, very sad. I wanna be near you and your family, because this isn't an easy time for you. I promise I will pray for him. My heart is with you, always, I love you. With love, Danielle. <3 <3

  • %E2%80%A0+Gaga%27s+Mons%E2%80%A0er+%E2%80%A0

    I'm So Sorry 4 Ur Loss!My Heart Goes Out 2 U & Ur Family!May Ur GodFather R.I.P & Watch Over U & Keep U Safe!Loving Ms Lady Gaga 4Ever & Always Standing By Never Betray U!My Hero, My #1!XOXO

  • Nana+Germanotta
    Nana Germanotta

    i love you Mommy Monster, you inspire people soo much, even thought i am not here with physicaly, my prayers are with you and your amazing family, sorry for your loss R.I.P

  • Sarah+Carolann+McCleskey

    Dan and I have you in our thoughts. We are so terribly sad for you loss. Stay strong. You have millions of people who care deeply for you. It is hard to view the photo without crying.

  • Michael+Sosa
    Michael Sosa

    Im sorry mother monster" my father Die too and that´s sad but i have learned , happines is not for ever! so live your life and ejnoy remember , we are here for you your little monsters!

  • Adam+Lewis
    Adam Lewis

    I know what your address is and who owns the house....I can get some flowers to you if you want them from me....

  • Adam+Lewis
    Adam Lewis

    I'm very sorry to here that Miss Germanotta, My condolences. If you need to talk to someone, I mean, some one you can trust...may I be there for you?

  • Idanceinthedark.

    riparadise. stay strong and chin up&just smile, he will be so proud. &baby gagas gorgeous still. he wil be in our prayersX

  • jess+dawson
    jess dawson

    who would have known that that baby would become the inspiration millions of monsters needed? so sorry for your loss <3

  • JOANNE+%F0%9F%92%9C%F0%9F%91%92
    JOANNE 💜👒

    Sorry for you. We all love you Mommy, don't give up in this hard moment. And always remember, that your Lil' Monsters always loves you, and we are one big monster family! I am born to love you Mommy ;* a big compassion for godfather ;( you and he are so sweet in this pic. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY!